“I think it all started when I got a bit tipsy and decided I wanted a croquet club,” said Miranda Garrett on the sport that's returned to Victoria Park.

During the week, you’ll find the east Londoner trawling libraries and archives as a freelance historian.

But one Sunday a month she sets up camp in the East End - accompanied by cheery croquet newbies and enthusiasts decked out in braces, brogues and tweed.

The 30-year-old is the founder of Croquet East.

And the free club has been a summer presence for the past six years, relaunching a few weeks ago.

“When we first started I think a lot of people dismissed us as crazy hipsters,” she said.

“But I’m trying to do something to get more people involved so generally I’ve had a lot of lovely comments.

“We’ve got more people coming in and it’s constantly evolving.

“I thought people would want to play but I didn’t think people would be doing it six years later - that was a nice surprise.

“It’s mostly people in their 20s and 30s and what I wanted to do was make it more accessible for young people - we still get older people come along though, so it’s a real mix.”

The east Londoner was familiar with the “garden” form of the sport.

But once she got permission from the croquet association - and was furnished with swish equipment - she picked up the rules of the game from qualified coaches.

They also attend Croquet East sessions to help amateurs get a hang of the hoops.

The aim of the doubles games, she said, was to score four hoops.

“We try to keep it as friendly a possible, but certainly it does get a bit heated,” she said.

“People want to keep coming back but because we don’t have a professional lawn if they want to get serious, they might move onto a different club.

“It’s just a great opportunity to meet lots of people and get more involved in the local community.”

Croquet East’s next event is on Sunday, (June 13), at 2pm. Entry is free.

Go to croqueteast.co.uk .