The West Ham Utd manager doesn’t see the top of the table as an anomaly. He’s all for a permanent revolution when the smaller clubs have a chance to give the elite a run for their money.

He’s in a position to speak. Last week saw West Ham take nine points from three games, each seemingly better than the last despite fatigue. The Irons now sit fifth, a point away from a Champions League place.

Everyone was waiting for Leicester’s bubble to burst. It hasn’t yet. And the same is true of West Ham, who finished 12th last season. They would be this season’s fairytale if the East Midlands club had stolen the glory.

Bilic said: “Our story is excellent but their story is miraculous. I would love to be the No.1 story. I think this is a permanent shift at the top. At least I hope it is.”

His view is that the teams of the top can only tinker with excellence, while the clubs simmering just below can take full advantage of TV money.

He said: “Say Man City buy Karim Benzema. They have Sergio Agüero already, so there is no big gap for them to improve. Chelsea can sell Diego Costa and buy Robert Lewandowski, yes, but they are only different; not better.

“But clubs like us, Crystal Palace, West Brom, Leicester: we can still improve with the money.”

Evidence of that is seen in West Ham’s – and possibly the league’s – player of the year Dimitri Payet. A discovery at the start of the season, he would be the sort of player West Ham would sell to a top four club. But TV money means they can match his value and keep him for the Olympic Stadium season.

And that value was three points on Saturday when he secured a winner to see a breathless turn-around at Goodison Park against Everton who would 2-0 up at the 78th minute before succumbing to goals from goal machine Michail Antonio, Diafro Sakho and Payet.

Adrian’s penalty save were no balm to shredded nerves.

Payet told the club’s website : “I think that in those moments you see how the squad grows, the squad progresses, because it’s true that the victory on Saturday was not handed to us, we had to seek it out.

“These are the games that we’re going to remember. It gives you confidence when you succeed in scoring at the end like that, it’s really a delight.”