Rio 2016 hopefuls CJ Ujah and Adelle Tracey returned to the source of their inspiration to help lay the Olympic Stadium's running track.

The pair joined Newham mother and son Simone and Tate Sharpe to put down one of the first sections of the track that will be used in this summer’s Great Newham London Run.

They were joined by the Mayor of Newham Sir Robin Wales and chairman of the Great Run Company Brendan Foster, who held up the two athletes as examples of the Olympic legacy.

CJ was sitting in the stands watching the action take place four years ago, while Adelle was one of the youngsters who lit the cauldron during the opening ceremony.

CJ has since gone on to become one of six British men to have run the 100m in under 10 seconds, posting a personal best of 9.96 seconds at the London Anniversary Games.

CJ Ujah and Adelle Tracey try out the new track

The Enfield athlete said: “It was definitely a different experience from watching it. London 2012 was one of the greatest things I have ever seen.

“It confirmed why I wanted to be an athlete, I love what I do. To come back here last year was such a nice feeling, especially to compete here and against Usain Bolt himself.

“That felt amazing, it gave me an extra buzz and it also gave me a lot of confidence going into the world championships. To get my personal best in front of the home crowd was pretty special.”

After her part in the opening ceremony, Adelle has broken through to an international level, winning the 800m at the Indoor British Championships in Sheffield, and is now a contender for a Team GB place at Rio.

CJ Ujah and Adelle Tracey get ready to roll out the track

Adelle said: “It’s an incredible feeling. After being one of seven people lighting the cauldron it is so nice to be back here. I have some great memories of being in this stadium.

“I’m really hoping that this will inspire people to achieve what some of those amazing Olympians do.

“The Olympic Park itself is inspiring , it’s such a beautiful facility. It encourages people to get into the stadium and get involved in sports.”

Simone and nine-year-old Tate will be taking part in the Great Newham London 2km Family Run, which will finish inside the stadium on the very track they helped to install.

CJ Ujah and Adelle Tracey with Simone Sharpe and her son Tate

Simone said: “We were already looking forward to running in the stadium in July but to help lay the track we are going to run on was amazing.

“Newham is really making the most of hosting the London 2012 games, which is transforming the area.

“The Great Newham London Run is another brilliant moment to celebrate and be proud of our area, we can’t wait to run the stadium together.”

The family run, for children aged five to 18 and accompanying adults, and the 10km event both take place on Sunday, July 17.