West Ham have become the first club to significantly reduce their ticket prices ahead of the 2016/17 season when the club moves to the Olympic Stadium.

On the back of the new £5billion television deal, season ticket prices for two years’ time will start at £289.

West Ham manager Sam Allardyce has urged fellow Premier League clubs to follow suit.

Allardyce said: “The most important thing at a football club is to fill the stadium. Filling the stadium is the ultimate for the success of the team.

“It used to be about the sustainability of the football club before the Premier League evolved and Sky TV were a worldwide brand but now it’s about creating an atmosphere in the stadium. Players respond to that. Making sure every club in Premier League maintains a high level of attendance is important.”

Big Sam said fans were being priced out the game and reducing ticket prices would prove a crucial bit of business.

“Selling out the stadium has to be the ultimate goal for every Premier League club,” said Allardyce.

“We cannot keep demanding too much from the fan. When you look at where the country has come from since 2008 – people are working harder and longer for less. That means they’ve got less money available for social activities. We have to remember where they are.

“Don’t forget – that fan also contributes for paying Sky or BT to watch football which helps part of the revenue. We must be wary we must keep our stadiums full.

“What we’ve done as a football club is the best piece of business I’ve seen in the Premier League for a very long time. Karren Brady is right in saying that the fan can enjoy a fantastic facility for less.”