We chat with technical director at British Cycling, Shane Sutton, who provided coaching and expertise throughout.

He tipped Pure Sports Medicine for the title - the Cabot Place team were finalists, but were pipped to the post by the Royal Bikers of Canada.

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What was your first reaction waking up to the pouring rain?

On a personal level I was gutted, given what the weather was like the day before.

One thing we talked about was what if it rained a lot - equipment is important, and one of the biggest factors is clothing, you’ve got to be prepared for the elements.

You started out with an aim to bring business with the team building aspects of sport.

Has this worked?

I think as a concept it’s a gem of an idea and as a team building exercise, it’s brilliant.

One man doesn’t make a team and they’ve all collectively come together to try to deliver a performance.

This has united many people and it’s about working closely together - I think its more than achieved that, and I think that’s really nice.

It will filter to the office desks and right through the company.

Why was it so good for Wharfer-based corporates?

You’re in a financial district - everything’s about numbers.

And when you train for cycling it’s all about numbers and for both you take evidence from the stats to make decisions going forward.

This is whether it’s training at a high intensity or bonding, sport and business mirror each other.

It’s such a coup for these guys to have an event like this - the synergy between the two is incredible.

Will V Series continue?

For sure, it’s a bigger vision.

Hopefully this will go forward, the support of the RBC will be there and we can look at moving further abroad too.

How does it feel to be back in east London, after spending so much time here during London 2012?

During that time our staff used to go for runs around the Isle of Dogs and we used to walk to canary Wharf for our Starbucks.

It’s an area I really like - it has an energy about it.