Refereeing decisions just aren’t going Millwall’s way according to gaffer Neil Harris.

He claimed his side don’t get a “high percentage” of decisions on the pitch, as reported in the Scunthorpe Telegraph .

Harris spoke out following two penalty decisions during The Lions goal-less draw at Scunthorpe United on August 23.

The first came as the ball struck the arm of Jack King in the penalty area - with The Lions believing they should have been awarded the decision.

Moments later referee Richard Clark was in front of the Millwall keeper and awarded a penalty to Scunthorpe after a dubious challenge - which flew over the top of the net.

“I thought the penalty was a foul to us quite clearly and having watched it back, it clearly was,” said the softly-spoken Lions chief.

“But I’m the Millwall manager and was a Millwall player for over 250 games. I know quite a high percentage of decisions don’t go our way, but it doesn’t make it any easier.”