In a recent survey conducted by YouGov, West Ham fans were rated the third worst in London, behind Chelsea and Millwall.

In the past, Hammers and Lions fans have been known to hold a special hatred for each other, resulting in violence between the two.

However, after recent events involving racist behaviour on the Paris Metro and on a train to Manchester, Chelsea fans are now considered to be just as bad as the teams from The Den and the Boleyn Ground.

YouGov poll

Some 25% of people were found to have a negative impression of Hammers fans, while 43% feel the same with Chelsea supporters, and 45% were unhappy with the Millwall faithful.

Meanwhile, Charlton Athletic fans are perceived to be good-hearted supporters.

Some 21% of people having a good impression with the Addicks followers, while 33% of people have a positive impression of Arsenal fans, more than any other team in London.

Brentford fans have the least negative response from people with just 8%.