As Millwall FC prepare for life in League One this season Lions gaffer Neil Harris takes time out of his team’s open training session for a chat.

How has pre-season gone?

Really good, we’ve had a thorough pre-season and an enjoyable one.

Its been hard but the players are going to be fit and they are going to be organised and have a winning mentality this year.

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What’s life in League One going to be like?

It will be a different test for us than we have had the last couple of seasons but it’s a test we are looking forward to.

I’ve seen a lot of Shrewsbury over the last few weeks and they are a good side.

The money that is being spent by the likes of Wigan and Sheffield United means they are going to be threats and Swindon have got a big playing squad.

What can fans expect from the 2015/16 Millwall side?

You will see the Millwall team of old on the pitch every week full of running, energy, fast paced and a team that’ competitive.

Fans need to identify with the team – we try to inspire that in the players – and bringing back Tony Craig as captain is important.

All I’m asking of the players is that every week they will play like a Millwall team and have a winning mentality and we won’t go far wrong.

Will there be any new faces?

We are happy with the players we’ve got, but we need to add to the squad, and hopefully that will be done by the Shrewsbury away game.

I’m hoping to add a little more experience.

The market dictates what we can get and there are not a million players available for what we require.

We’re being careful not to pick the wrong ones, or get into paying over-inflated wages.

There’ll certainly be one new player, probably more, but we’re being careful it’s someone who can improve the squad.

In any particular positions?

I’m looking to bring in another striker and something different to what we have got.

I’m pleased with the players we have – striker Jamie Philpot will certainly play first team football for us.

He has high potential and I really like what I see in this 18-year-old.

But we’ve got to improve the squad – not just make numbers up.

If not, we will wait.

Aims for the season?

With the last five years in the Championship, there are big expectations.

We will be doing our utmost to bounce straight back but as a new group of young players we will ask for patience.

We are prepared for expectation and we will put demands on ourselves to compete and be as high up the division as possible.

And we are pushing for the Premier League but it’s not going to happen overnight.

We will take small steps to having a settled team and a wining team.