A police officer with a sideline passion for pads and gloves has launched an amateur boxing club with Limehouse Marina Elite.

Nowadays, you’ll spot Safer Neighbourhood Sergeant Pete Scottow on official duties with his Tower Hamlets team.

But he has previous sporting form as the former World Emergency Services heavyweight champion and a London ABA novice heavyweight title-holder.

Add to this his boxing coaching work with youngsters and Limehouse’s newest fitness zone, along with partners oisg.com, were eager to collaborate.

CEO Dom Stow said the boxing facility – which opened last winter alongside a fitness suite and medical centre – always intended to form a club for rookies.

“We said we would put something back into the community and now that’s what we are able to do,” he said.

“This partnership presented itself and it is perfectly in line with what we wanted to do, so we are really happy about it.

“There are not a lot of opportunities for young people these days – they need to be given a backbone and boxing is a good way of doing it.”

The weekly sessions will launch this summer and Sgt Scottow will be taking the lead.

He said he was “genuinely excited” about teaming up with the chic centre in Limehouse Basin.

And for amateur club members it won’t be all about the fitness benefits.

“Sport and boxing in particular is a fantastic way for young people to learn about discipline, respect, confidence and self-esteem,” he said.

“We will be working to provide a positive alternative to the many negative pathways which are readily accessible to young people in London nowadays.

“There is a hell of a lot of young people who are disenfranchised and that lack direction – opportunities like this don’t come along very often and they need to make the most of it.

“Thanks to Limehouse Marina Elite and oisg.com these top-class facilities are going to be available to the whole community.”

Go to limehousemarinaelite.com .