The government has rejected an inquiry into the financial agreement West Ham had with the London Legacy Development Corporation (LLDC) over the Olympic Stadium.

A coalition of supporters from eight football clubs was formed earlier this year in a bid to get further scrutiny over the rental agreement the Hammers made with the LLDC for the venue.

Despite the group - made up of fans from Charlton, Arsenal, Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspur - receiving 24,000 signatures in favour of an inquiry, the government rejected it.

A statement on the petition said: "West Ham United has a concession at the stadium and their contributions reflect that status. The contract, awarded after an open public competition, has been widely scrutinised and tested in court."

Many people claimed West Ham were getting the stadium “for free” after it emerged through a Freedom of Information Request that West Ham paid £15million towards the £272million conversion of the stadium, but will pay up to £2.5million a year in rent.

Mat Roper, one of the member of the coalition group, told the BBC: “We’re no nearer the truth of what we think is in the rental agreement until we know that then we’re going to continue.

“Whether it happens to be continuing with that petition, a new petition or a new FOI request, it’s certainly not dead in the water.”

West Ham’s vice chairman Karren Brady leapt to the defence of her club in August, saying the Olympic Stadium would have been left derelict if it weren’t for them renting it.