The London Stadium would need to have a capacity of over 76,000 to fund West Ham’s transfer activity this season.

The Irons have spent an estimated £36.1million net on transfers this season.

If the club were to try to cover that cost through league ticket sales then they would need to recoup a massive £1.9million per home game.

With the cheapest London Stadium match day tickets costing £25 each according to the BBC Price of Football study, the club would have to sell 76,063 tickets per home game at that price across the whole season to cover their net spend.

That’s 16,000 more tickets than the stadium’s 60,000 capacity.

If the club wanted to use tickets sales to cover the total spend – an estimated £71million – as opposed to just the net spend, then the London

Stadium would need an enormous expansion to 149,432 seats, with every game being sold out.

But that’s not as much as Manchester City who would need to attract 227,068 each week while Swansea only need 4,737.

Slaven Bilic enjoys a joke with former team mate Tony Cottee during Family Fun Day at London Stadium on February 15, 2017

Premier League

Club: Capacity to cover transfers in a season

Arsenal: 170,078

Bournemouth: 19,934

Burnley: 66,211

Chelsea: 31,113

Crystal Palace: 97,460

Everton: 37,835

Hull: 55,146

Leicester: 44,838

Liverpool: negative net

Man City: 227,068

Man United: 58,596

Middlesbrough: 55,842

Southampton: negative net

Stoke: 62,168

Sunderland: 23,853

Swansea: 4,737

Tottenham: 40,822

Watford: 22,427

West Brom: 20,589

West Ham: 76,063