West Ham have a number of concerns on their mind at the moment – getting clear of relegation, keeping supporters safe, locking in their star player Dimitri Payet, finding someone who can score goals.

Way down the bottom of the list – although not for supporters – is playing attractive football. The “West Ham way” for what it was worth was transplanted from Upton Park to the London Stadium – at least all the signage, promotion and heritage was. So far, the actual deal on the pitch has been in short supply with Saturday’s dour 1-1 draw with Stoke the epitome of a testing time for fans.

It is in contrast with the thrilling football of Liverpool and some of the other top end clubs

We have carried out an analysis of the first games and the last games shown on Match Of The Day , a people’s barometer of what passes for entertaining or boring.

So far West Ham have been shown first once and shown last twice which points to the direction of travel.

Roberto Firmino of Liverpool celebrates after scoring during the Premier League match between Liverpool and Watford

Meanwhile, Jurgen Klopp’s side have had the top billing on the show more often than any other club this season.

That may not come as too much of a surprise given the fact that games involving Liverpool have produced 44 goals, and average of four a game – far more than any other side in the division.

The Reds have been shown first three times, which works out as 38% of their matches.

However, one club has had a higher percentage of their matches shown first.

Manchester United have only had five games feature on Match of the Day so far, two of which were in the top slot. That works out at 40% of their games.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic of Manchester United celebrates scoring their second goal during the Premier League match between Swansea City and Manchester United

Manchester City have been the main second team this season. Pep Guardiola’s side have been shown in the second slot five times. That works out as 63% of the games which they’ve had shown on MOTD. City’s only top billing was for the Manchester derby on September 10.

West Ham aren’t the most tedious team, though. Watford have struggled to capture the programmers’ imagination the most this season.

The Hornets have been shown last three times to date. Only Crystal Palace have have appeared in the last slot as often, though one of those was a Friday night match, which have always been shown last on MOTD this season. Watford’s three matches also represents 43% of their total MOTD appearances as opposed to 30% for Palace.

Team: Matches shown first

Liverpool: 3

Burnley: 2

Chelsea: 2

Hull: 2

Leicester: 2

Man United: 2

West Brom: 2

Arsenal: 1

Bournemouth: 1

Everton: 1

Man City: 1

Sunderland: 1

Swansea: 1

• West Ham: 1

Crystal Palace: 0

Middlesbrough: 0

Southampton: 0

Stoke: 0

Tottenham: 0

Watford: 0

Team: Matches shown last

Crystal Palace: 3

Watford: 3

Hull: 2

Southampton: 2

Stoke: 2

• West Ham: 2

Bournemouth: 1

Burnley: 1

Chelsea: 1

Everton: 1

Liverpool: 1

Man United: 1

Swansea: 1

West Brom: 1

Arsenal: 0

Leicester: 0

Man City: 0

Middlesbrough: 0

Sunderland: 0

Tottenham: 0