Supporter groups from eight football clubs are calling for a full public inquiry into how West Ham were awarded tenancy at the Olympic Stadium.

The Evening Standard reported that the groups have published a joint petition asking for further scrutiny over the deal between the Hammers and public body, the London Legacy Development Corporation (LLDC).

The outcry has come directly after a BBC documentary highlighted that most of the stadium’s running costs were not going to be paid by West Ham - and many other fees were to be footed by the taxpayer.

A spokesman for the coalition told Standard Sport: “The fact that so many supporter groups have come together to call for this inquiry shows that the issues raised go beyond football tribalism.

“As football fans and as taxpayers, we want to see the preservation of fair competition and full transparency in public finances. This shady deal is not in the interests of the game of football and does little to promote public confidence in the way our money is being spent.

“Considering the cost to the taxpayer, and the effect of this taxpayer subsidy on competition between clubs, a full public inquiry into the deal is needed.”

West Ham have not issued a statement in response to this, but following the BBC report , a spokesman said: “Without us the stadium would lose money. The suggestion we are getting the stadium rent free is categorically wrong – we are more than paying our way.

“Our agreement with the LLDC will see West Ham make a substantial capital contribution towards the conversion works of a stadium on top of a multi-million pound annual usage fee, a share of food and catering sales, plus provide extra value to the naming rights agreement.”