A Millwall supporter named his newborn son ‘Bermondsey Millwall Den Bloomfield’ without telling his wife.

Die-hard fan Mike Bloomfield, who grew up in Bermondsey, rung up the Southwark News on the way back from the registry office - seemingly before telling his wife.

He told the paper : “If David Beckham can name his son Brooklyn, then I can name mine Bermondsey. I just love Millwall and this is a good way to get the next generation involved.

We think manager Neil Harris would approve

“One of the women at the registry office was a Millwall fan and she loved it when she saw what we are going to name him. I threatened to do it but I don’t think my wife believed me. I’m not sure how she’s going to react.”

Although many partners may not be so calm about it, his wife Kelly actually quite likes the name.

She later said: “He did say he might do it but I didn’t expect it. He was a bit frightened to come home. I’m coming around to it though and I quite like it. It’s growing on me.

“I think he looks a bit like a Bermondsey, and it’s definitely unique. I don’t think anyone else has got a name like that.”

“The funny thing is that we actually live in Croydon and are surrounded by Crystal Palace fans. Our friends who are Palace fans say that they’re just going to call him ‘Dave’ instead.”