Tuesday night’s 2-0 defeat to Blackburn Rovers has pretty much sealed our fate to League One football next season.

We are now four points behind Rotherham with just two matches to go. There is still a possibility that Rotherham could lose three points for fielding that ineligible player in the victory over Brighton but I would not be surprised if they just get a fine for the transgression.

Ultimately we needed just too many consecutive results when Neil Harris was appointed manager. It’s hard to turn a losing team into a team that wins at least 75% of its games. Things are not that easy especially when the team has been experiencing problems at both ends of the pitch.

But, still, after losing away to Rotherham I never thought we would still have a mathematical chance of survival with just two matches to go.

We certainly would have been relegated sooner if Ian Holloway stayed in charge longer.

So whatever happens in the last two matches of the season the interim management team of Neil Harris and Dave Livermore have to take a lot of credit in how they have addressed the problems that were there and made us a much more competitive team.

There is still lots of work that needs to be done with this team to get us competitive even in League One but we have made plenty of progress in the past six weeks since Harris was appointed.

Lots of our supporters have been questioning why the club didn’t dispense with Holloway sooner as with the form showed by the team since Harris and Livermore were appointed would have seen us stay up had the club made the changes sometime during January.

Trouble is there were other things at work. The compensation that Holloway was demanding created a stand-off as our chairman didn’t want to sack him and reward failure by making a large pay-off to Holloway who himself refused to walk. Indeed he was only removed when it was clear the situation could not continue any longer.

In football sometimes it is also important to be a little more even balanced. Just because there has been a run of results following the appointment of a new manager, there is nothing to guarantee those results would have come if the appointment was made earlier in the season or even the form would continue for a longer period after the initial upturn.

Sometimes you just need to enjoy it when you are getting better results rather than question why this or that wasn’t done.

Life is rarely perfect when you support Millwall.

• This article is a Tuesday night update of Monday's post