Banter channel Dave sent out a couple hopeful tweets after David Haye’s comprehensive first-round defeat of Mark de Mori at The O2 on Saturday.

“Watch highlights here” read one. “Stay with us for all the analysis” said another. Highlights of his entrance into the arena, perhaps, which took longer than the sporting contest itself.

The channel’s first foray into live boxing had seen their headliner demolish his opponent in 131 seconds in front of 16,000 fans.

Still, David Haye wasn’t overly bothered. He was less interested in our viewing pleasure and more concerned with the significance of the crushing victory, achieved with two huge right hands and a final left, which left the referee with no option but to save the Australian cannon fodder.

“I’m back!” Haye tweeted after his first win inside a boxing ring since 2012. Audley Harrison tweeted: “Good fire power, explosive and dangerous for any heavyweight in the division.”

The 33-year-old Australian, who had very little in the fight, needed extensive treatment after the devastating barrage. He was given oxygen and helped to his feet.

At 16st 3lbs 5oz, Haye was heavier, and therefore slower, than before but this was part of his strategy – to make himself less vulnerable to the kind of injuries that had ended the first phase of his career.

The former WBA heavyweight champion: “My speed doesn’t feel any slower at all, it feels better. I think I missed one right hand, I loaded up with one right hand, and I know why I missed that because I shouldn’t have thrown that from the position I was in. Maybe that was my ring-rust.”

Then, once the celebrations were quickly done, Haye returned to his old theme – who comes next and when will I get in a ring with Anthony Joshua?

Haye said: “Why bother with Fury? He is a good fighter and it’s a shame he doesn’t want to fight me. Fury said he won’t fight me, so I will go for the bigger, better fighters ... like Anthony Joshua.

“That’s the type of fight I want, that’s why I’m back in boxing. It’s the big fights, I need that. I’m going to make a serious run at this heavyweight division. There are titles all over the place at the moment and it’ll take someone like me to clean it up.”