Boxing Day will be full of punches, pad work and sparring sessions for Tommy Martin , the youngest champion ever to win a national belt.

While most of us laze in our onesies tackling round two of the Christmas turkey, the 21-year-old super lightweight will be pulling on his gloves for training with coach of four years, Barry Smith.

Barry declares Tommy’s Christmas is “cancelled” – yet there’s no regrets in the eyes of the sporting star.

Instead of gorging on Christmas pud he’s getting set for his “night of destiny”.

The twice daily, all-week training regime at Limehouse Marina Elite’s professional boxing facility is preparation for the Essex boy’s fight for the Commonwealth and WBC International Title at the Copper Box Arena, on Saturday, January 30.

On the stage at the Olympic Park he’ll be battling it out against pal John Hibbert.

Tommy “Da Gun” said: “We know exactly how each other fights – we’ve done thousands of rounds together.

“His back is against the wall, because he’s the champion, and he’s the one who is nearing 30 years old so this to him is do-or-die.

“It’s not a fight I will lose but if worst comes to worst and the wheels fall off I’m 21, I’m fighting for the Commonwealth, and I will come back again. That puts the pressure on him.

“He is very strong, he is very mature and he is experienced but I am not here to beat him, I am here to win the belts, and he’s just the person currently holding the belts. I’d rather fight him and have us both share the limelight on Sky Sports and at the Olympic Park than someone I don’t know.”

Securing the coveted title would also mean Tommy, who lives in Canning Town during the week, would see his world ranking rocket to eighth.

He turned professional three years ago and a couple of years before that it was the football field, not the boxing ring, where he thought his future lay.

He swapped successes at Fulham Football Club and a scholarship at Peterborough United for a career as a boxer, making his decision after watching his brother in boxing class.

“I saw people punching bags and I fell in love,” he said.

He said teaming up with Michael Helliet Management, Limehouse Marina Elite and Barry had switched his fighting to another level.

“I believe I’ve become a completely different fighter to when I was an amateur,” he said.

“I’ve learned a lot from Barry and I’ve learned how to take my training in the gym out into the ring. He’s driven my technique and my style.

“This is going to be a great fight and a genuine crowd pleaser. I can’t wait, I really can’t.”

Barry said: “Tommy’s the young guy coming through and he’s up for it, he’s determined and he wants it bad. It’s a night of destiny for Tommy and for myself as a coach.

Tommy Martin v John Hibbert , The Copper Box, Saturday, January 30, 9pm.

It will be screened on Sky Sports.