He returned to Charlton FC from his loan spell with Hearts because the club was desperate but only survived a few games before being shoved on the bench.

But now, after two goals in two games, can the perennial underachiever Tony Watt finally be about to prove his worth?

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, the performance of the former Celtic forward has been far from world beating. In fact, he played better in his first spell at The Valley.

But silky skills and mazy runs don’t win you games alone. Goals do and that’s what Watt’s finally delivered. Last Tuesday’s well taken penalty was added to with a real poacher’s goal to secure a point against Walsall at the Valley on Saturday.

And while he’s still not looking like an athlete, he’s putting in more of an effort for his teammates than any other time in his Charlton career.

Some fans at The Valley have never given up supporting the mercurial talent – but they are in the minority.

But now he’s back so we’ll see whether this leopard really has changed his spots.

Karl Robinson at the Valley where Walsall were visitors

Telling insight

So what’s behind this change in form? Karl Robinson says it’s down to Johnnie Jackson. That’s interesting on two counts.

Firstly, other managers would have been happy to take full credit for being able to handle such a troubled talent.

But Robinson denied all responsibility and said Jacko being “a friend” and “firm” with him was the key to Watt’s current form.

Secondly, this just exemplifies the importance of Charlton’s Jackson on and off the pitch.

What better influence can you have than the captain who has forged a fantastic relationship with the fans over the years and scored some very important goals.

If Watt could achieve half of the success Jackson has enjoyed in a red shirt many will be happy with him.

Robinson also admitted Jackson is on his last legs and shouldn’t play more than 70 minutes. Well that’s 70 minutes Charlton will need to exploit if they are to finish the season with anything else than a whimper.

So, even if Watt does not last at The Valley, this upturn in form has given us one thing – an insight into some positive factors left at this troubled club.

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