Masked wrestlers from Mexico are set to perform at York Hall in Bethnal Green as The Greatest Spectacle of Lucha Libre comes to the UK.

Fans are invited to experience the acrobatic world of the iconic superheroes who will be showcasing their mat skills on Friday, July 1 and Saturday, July 2.

York Hall will be transformed into a Mexican arena ready for the stars to battle it out in live confrontations of good v evil.

York Hall will be transformed into a Mexican wrestling venue

The lineup of Mexican wrestlers include Nacho Libre film star the Silver King, Juvi Guerrera, Zumbi, Cielito, Magno, Lady Apache and Chika Tormenta.

They will be joined by the UK’s own lucha libre wrestlers including the heroes of Lucha Britannia, featuring Cassius, and Pure Britannico.

Translated as free fighting, lucha libre is a Mexican style of wrestling where fighters enter the ring dressed in flamboyant capes and outlandish suits, wearing colourful masks and performing acrobatic moves and flying from spectacular heights.

The Mexican superheroes will be showing off their mat skills

The wrestlers are traditionally divided into Rudos, who use underhanded tactics and break the rules, and Técnicos, who play by the rule book and use more complex and spectacular moves.

Each luchador has his own distinct character and luchas are regarded as iconic legends and the superheroes of Mexico.

Throughout the events spectators can enjoy Mexican street-food, agave cocktails and tequila shots.

The luchadores are known for their high-flying moves

Doors open at 6.30pm on both nights with the show starting at 8pm.

Tickets are from £20 and are available here.

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