The Ryder Cup is nearly upon us and many will be tuning in to see who will come out on top in the titanic biennial battle between Europe and America.

But as well as catching the action, some viewers may want to dust off their old clubs, rediscover a long lost skill or try out golf for the first time.

For Canary Wharf workers, Greenwich Peninsula Golf Range , now a year old, is the nearest option, within walking distance of North Greenwich station.

Located at the range is American Golf, a store that specialises in custom fitted golf clubs .

It mainly helps players create clubs that are catered specificially to the individual at its custom fitting bay by measuring, providing advice on the best irons and drivers and suggesting the best shaft and grips.

Events co-ordinator Maria Baszista said the store is attempting to widen the appeal of golf to people of all abilities and all incomes, particularly during the Ryder Cup.

She said: “It always has an impact as it gets people talking about the sport. People can be watching and see someone with a particular driver or wedge and will want to find out more.”

The store was a late comer to the range, opening in December 2015 and Maria said that, while it is doing well, there is still a lack of awareness about the range.

“I think more people are now becoming aware that custom-fit clubs are an option,” she said.

“We’re still in the process of letting people know that we exist because we weren’t the first retailer in the driving range.

“When we have some of the events for some of the banks in Canary Wharf for example, some of the team members still don’t know that the range is here, let alone American Golf.

Below are number of events, competitions and schemes American Golf can offer Canary Wharf and the surrounding areas.

Ryder Cup Nearest To The Pin competition

Canary Wharf golfers who reckon they have a good, powerful swing as well as pin-point accuracy have been encouraged to compete in the Nearest The Pin competition.

The aim of the game is to hit the ball towards the hole and the golfer who gets their ball closest to the flag is victorious.

And to sweeten the deal, American Golf is offering a trip for two to golf resort The Belfry as the winning prize.

The contest takes place over the Ryder Cup weekend at the American Golf custom fitting bay on Friday, September 30, 10am to 9pm and Saturday and Sunday 10am to 6pm.

The competition is free to enter and anyone is welcome to turn up and compete.

Get Into Golf

American Golf is also collaborating with England Golf to encourage non golfers and rusty golfers into or back into the sport.

Maria said: “We are trying to change the perception of golf from being an elite sport to an attainable sport - promoting fun and healthy wellbeing.”

The scheme offers beginner sessions every Tuesday from 10am to 6pm at £10 per hour.

Group Competitions

American Golf can organise “bespoke golf competition events” for up to 20 people, with players competing in nearest to the pin and longest drive contests.

This includes American Golf’s PGA pro being on hand to lead the competition and is usually followed with a social evening in the Custom Fitting Bay.

A number of Canary Wharf banks have taken advantage of the competitive fun including Credit Suisse.

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