Aries – March 21-April 19

Victoria Beckham

Get ready for the ride of your life as 2017 is going to be full of adventure for Awesome Aries. There’s going to be plenty of new opportunities and it’s the perfect time to start any new ventures.


You’re entering a new emotional stage where you’ll find it easier to express your true feelings. If you’re already in a relationship make the most of this new period of expression as it will work wonders on your love life. Ask and you will get. Looking for romance? There’s no better time than now to meet The One.


Don’t settle for the mundane. 2017 opens many doors and with it comes many career opportunities. Focus on the things and activities you enjoy as this is where new sources of revenue can be potentially tapped.


Your energy levels will be high this year but, our Witch Twitch warns, don’t overdo it on the exercise front or you may find yourself in A&E.

Famous Aries

Victoria Beckham: It’s going to be a spectacular year for the savvy designer. Our Witch Twitch says she’ll start a new business that will skyrocket. But, we warn, she needs to listen to her gut instincts when it comes to old relationships and friendships. There are several smiles which mask envy.

Taurus – April 20-May 20

Gigi Hadid

Despite having increased energy, Trustworthy Taurus is going to find it hard to focus on any one thing which may result in challenging situations at work and at home. The key is to find balance – and keep hold of that waspish tongue!


Love is in the air so if you’re single but it’s important to break out of your comfort zone and be ready to date the opposite of your normal type. In a relationship? You’ll find your partner will respond if you share your feelings. It’s time to take things to a higher level.


Your creative juices are flowing this year and could see a rise in your status. The key to success is to network. If you do this successfully, you’ll find yourself in the right place, at the right time. Keep an eye on expenses. You really don’t need that new Rolex or extra Louis Vuitton bag.


Watch what you eat this as you’ll find too much of a good thing will see the pounds pile on but you won’t have the desire to shed them. If you don’t want to ditch the gourmet, shrink the plate size.

Famous Taurus

Gigi Hadid: The American fashion model, designer and girlfriend of singer Zayn Malik, pictured, is going to face many challenges this year, mostly concerning her work-life balance. Our Witch Twitch says she needs to embrace new opportunities even if loved ones don’t approve. It’s your moment to shine.

Gemini – May 21-June 20

Angelina Jolie

Slow and steady wins the race for Gorgeous Gemini in 2017. This year is about building on the past, preparing for the future. They’ll be hurdles at work to overcome and you’ll be puzzled by the number of people opposing your ideas. Remain calm and true to yourself.


A new love is on the cards this year – even if you’re already in existing relationship. For the footloose and fancy free you may find yourself looking differently at a friend. What have you got to lose? Those in committed relationships will find there may be some difficulties. But, our Witch Twitch warns, the grass isn’t always greener.


Work will be slow and steady this year. On a positive note this will afford you the time to focus on projects outside of work that can advance your career in the long term. Grab the chance to work with a foreign business source – it could be very fruitful going forward.


You’re at a physical peak but be careful not to let external factors play havoc on your mental state. Use 2017’s improved physical strength lay the groundwork for less energetic years.

Famous Gemini

Angelina Jolie: Following on from a tumultuous year, 2017 is going to be a time of consolidation for the beautiful actress, director and humanitarian. Our Witch Twitch says she will find more peace within herself which may be helped by the arrival of a new love – someone she already knows.

Cancer – June 21-July 22

Tom Cruise

There’s a major personality shift in store for Considerate Cancers. Hard shells will crumble revealing their soft and vulnerable interiors, and they will choose to forget the past and focus on the present. It’s the here and now that’s important.


It’s a good year for love. If you’re in a relationship, it’s important to go with the flow as it will strengthen ties and re-ignite any dwindling passion. Take the lead – your partner will be only too happy to embrace the new you. Singletons should get out and about as much as possible because this is where love is lurking.


You’ll be swamped with work but, don’t worry, you’ll have the energy to absorb everything that is thrown at you. The cash will be flowing. Word of caution – it’s not a good year to challenge authority as this could damage your professional reputation.


Watch out that your fitness doesn’t suffer as a result of your workload. Schedule in a weekly massage – and, at the very least, do make sure you go out for a 10-minute walk at lunchtime.

Famous Cancer

Tom Cruise: We’re going to see a whole new side to the gifted, but often misunderstood, Hollywood star in 2017. Our Witch Twitch says he’ll take on a role that’s against type that will show a softer side to the actor.

Leo – July 23-August 22

Meghan Markle

Whether it’s romance you’re looking for or success in your career the world is for the taking for Lovely Leos in 2017. All that glitters will turn to gold. It’s simply a matter of believing in yourself to achieve what others would conceive as the impossible.


You will learn to understand yourself a whole lot better and, as such, will be focused on what you truly desire. Relationships will deepen; singles may decide to move in with a partner or to even get engaged. Life will be filled with romance whether you’re single or in an existing relationship. Our Witch Twitch says it doesn’t get better than this.


Pinch yourself. Yes, this is your life. You’ll be swimming in an ocean full of opportunities, buoyed by an abundance of cash. Professional offers will come flooding in throughout the year it’s simply your job to grab them. Schmooze the powers that be and you cannot lose. If that wasn’t enough our Witch Twitch says expect a Lottery win or an old investment coming to fruition.


Be sure to eat sensibly and to exercise moderately in 2017 as there will be occasions when your health and wellbeing will be tested.

Famous Leo

Meghan Markle: The heavens are smiling on the sexy Suits actress. Our Witch Twitch says her relationship with Prince Harry will go to another level – yes, we do predict an engagement – however, we warn there will be a few family tensions. But, this relationship, if SHE wants it to, is set to go the distance.

Virgo – August 23-Sepember 22

Idris Elba

Life may seem like it’s being lived in the slow lane for Vivacious Virgo in 2017 but don’t be fooled there’s a lot going on behind the scenes. Plans are being put into place that will have a positive effect. Trust in what you know to be true and you’ll find the wait will finally be over – you were born to win the race.


It’s time to look at what’s real in your life, what’s not – and to make appropriate choices. For those looking for love seek and ye shall find. This may come with a move to a new house or job. If you’re in a relationship, it’s time to shake it up otherwise ship out and make room for the new.


Opportunities abound in 2017 it’s your job to run with them. You can’t think big enough. There are no limitations so don’t create any. Finances improve. Expect windfalls from a Scratch Card win or a forgotten investment.


Regular getaways will keep your wellbeing in balance this year. Be kinder to yourself and not so judgmental. Our Witch Twitch suggests taking up Iyengar Yoga as a way of releasing stress.

Famous Virgo

Idris Elba: It’s a slow start to the year for the enigmatic Luther star but he should enjoy it while it lasts because things are going to get crazily busy. Juggling work commitments with life is going to be challenging but with a gorgeous new woman by his side he’ll find a way.

Libra – September 23-October 22

Simon Cowell

It’s been a long time coming for Lavish Libra as 2017 enters bursting with energy and positive vibes. This really is a time for new beginnings and fresh starts, with travel playing an important role in your life. If you’re looking for excitement, you’ll get it in golden spoonfuls this year.


As you stride through the universe with a new found confidence and flirtatious spirit you’ll attract a plethora of new admirers. It’s all about new beginnings for you this year. If you’re single, you will find yourself spoilt for choice. Friends may play an important role in how you meet potential partners. If you’re already in a relationship things are going to get a lot more hot and spicy. If you want children now’s the time. However, our Witch Twitch warns you to give you partner space and don’t doubt them. Trust is the key.


Although not planned you’ll find yourself learning new skills this year. It may be in an existing role or you may be preparing for a new career. You may need to tighten your purse strings at least for the first half of the year.


All we need to say is: Stay away from junk food.

Famous Libra

Simon Cowell: It’s going to be an exciting year for the TV and music mogul and X Factor judge. He’ll be able to sit back and look at everything he’s achieved while spending more quality time with family and friends. Our Witch Twitch even sees the glimmer of another mini me on the horizon.

Scorpio – October 23-November 21

Canadian rapper Drake

It’s a case of taking one day at a time for Sensual Scorpio in 2017 as life will be like a rollercoaster, with extreme highs coupled with challenging lows. To navigate these demanding cosmic thrills and spills, our advice is to stay optimistic and don’t stray too far from your comfort zone. Stick to what you know and you may just find yourself enjoying a few rides on the more predictable merry-go-round.


Being your normal enigmatic self will not bring love to your door. You need to be far more open, less secretive, about your wants and desires. Don’t play hard to get. If you’re single don’t be afraid to try online dating. Those already in a relationship need to be far more ready with the olive branch.


There’s no quick fix or shortcuts this year. Get stuck in to projects and tasks with gusto. It’s going to be tough going but you will be financially rewarded. Our Witch Twitch says that real estate is going to be particularly profitable but, be warned, expenses are likely to increase over the year.


Fortunately, you’re going to feel full of beans this year. Capitalise on this increase in energy by upping your fitness regime.

Famous Scorpio

Drake: The Canadian rapper, singer and music producer starts 2017 how he means to go on, making sweet music with multi-talented Jennifer Lopez. DraLo will be having lots of fun. As for the main man, our Witch Twitch says he needs to learn how to switch off.

Sagittarius – November 22-December 21

Miley Cyrus

Every action causes a reaction so Savvy Sagittarians need to be mindful of what they send out into the universe in 2017. It’s all there for the taking but attitude plays a part. Don’t overthink, but think before you speak. It may take some time to get the hang of this – you do after all believe you are Master Of The Universe – but you’ll get there in the end. And when you do the world will recognise your greatness, too.


Be bullish and spontaneous and make the most of the here and now. If you’re single don’t waste time with people you don’t really care about. In a relationship? It’s time to stop playing safe, throw a curve ball every now and again. Surprise gifts. Trips away. Your partner will respect you more for it.


Things at work are going to get a lot more demanding. You need to be more organised to make the most of the many opportunities that will present themselves this year. It’s important to be gracious to your colleagues. Finances are looking good but, our Witch Twitch, says to spend any extra cash wisely.


It’s not a year for pushing yourself physically as you are likely to sustain an injury. Go easy – and make sure you stretch.

Famous Sagittarius

Miley Cyrus: The Wrecking Ball singer will enter a new, more mature, phase in her life. Our Witch Twitch says we’ll see a far less outlandish character who will reveal to the world just how super sassy she is. Watch this space.

Capricorn – December 22-January 19

Calvin Harris

Take time out to do the things you love and you’ll discover just how sweet life can be for Canny Capricorns in 2017. This year is about finding out what makes you tick and growing the confidence to express yourself more freely. Anything is now possible.


The focus this year is on learning to love yourself. Only when you can accept that you are faultless – in spite of your faults – will you be truly comfortable in a relationship. If you are single try taking up a hobby If you’re in a relationship you need to work harder at showing you care.


You’ll be bursting with original ideas this year that have the potential to reap huge rewards. Don’t be afraid to share your plans with others as this could be a fast track to the big bucks. Money will certainly make your world go around this year.


With so much going on this year there will be times when you may find it difficult to switch off. Our Witch Twitch suggests spraying your pillow with lavender essence to break any cycle before it takes hold.

Famous Capricorn

Calvin Harris: The award-winning DJ will be linked to a high profile lovely in 2017 but will want to keep this relationship under wraps to avoid the media circus. Our Witch Twitch warns less is more on social media.

Aquarius – January 20-February 18

Preity Zinta

A lighter spirit will descend on Adventurous Aquarians in 2017, leading to a year driven by fun. You are seen as the mysterious sign but this year you will become more transparent, attracting new people and experiences. You’ll find yourself doing the unthinkable – and loving it.


For those already in a relationship you’ll find yourself more attracted to your partner. Love becomes more meaningful as you learn to value what the other brings to the party. Singles should look for it in unusual places. Go to the extreme – quite literally – by taking up a new hobby like skydiving – you need to find someone who shares your adventurous spirit.


There are no major promotions mapped in the constellations, which will suit you as most of your time will be taken up planning activities. Finances are in the ascendance.


With you enjoying so many extreme pastimes this year you will need to find a counter balance to protect your wellbeing. Our Witch Twitch suggests taking up Metta Meditation – the more love you give, the more you will receive.

Famous Aquarian

Preity Zinta: Life will find it’s zing again for the Indian actress and entrepreneur. In recent years, she has found herself swimming against the tide but 2017 will see her going with the flow. A new project, showcasing her comedic talents, will see her popularity increase.

Pisces – February 19-March 20

Justin Bieber

Like a phoenix rising out of the ashes Passionate Pisces will reveal a new self to the world in 2017. It’s a transformative year where you’ll make many changes from the clothes you wear, the friends you keep and the work you choose to take on. A move is on the cards, too. Our Witch Twitch says be the change you wish to see in the world.


The heavens are surrounding you with a magnetic force this year that will make you irresistible. There’s no need to go looking for love as you’ll magically find yourself always in the right place at the right time. If you’re in a relationship, passions will soar. The new you will want to take the lead and explore the untapped depths of the relationship. Two will truly become one.


Trust your instincts when it comes to career decisions and you’ll find that work becomes a breeze. That magnetic force will also be active at work, too, bringing you to the attention of some important movers and shakers. Now’s the time to show them who you are. Finances flow.


Run with the year’s transformative powers and you’ll find yourself brimming with energy. You’ll not feel this good again for several years so make the most of it.

Famous Pisces

Justin Bieber: Our Witch Twitch sees Justin getting hot and heavy with a new lovely – and this one won’t be a flash in the pan. The stars also show the Canadian Wunderkid exploring new career opportunities which may see him on the Silver Screen. Our Witch Twitch says Ask. Belieb. Receive.

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