All eyes have been on the giants of the world this week. We’ve seen Kim Jong-un, like a petulant child wanting to be the focus of attention, goading the planet with the threat of nuclear war.

Meanwhile the Kremlin and the White House have faced off across a global chessboard, boasting, posturing, to unsettle their opponent, to make certain they have the winning move.

All three, sporting seven-league boots, jostling to be the Alpha Male, to become the lead on the world stage.

And then we have Buckingham Palace.

It’s not out there swaggering, making a show, wanting to prove its place in the pecking order. Instead the official London residency of the Queen has been playing tea parties with the daughter of a celebrity couple.

The event has sparked a fierce backlash, with critics calling it “an outrage”, “nauseating” – anyone would think the party squash and petit fours had been laced with arsenic.

So what if Buckingham Palace opened its doors to host a birthday tea party for Harper Beckham, the six-year-old daughter of David and Victoria Beckham? I’m sure there are plenty of parents out there who would love to be able to give their child such an opportunity.

I’d relish having a few members of royalty, some Hollywood A-listers, global pop and sports stars on speed dial who I could call up to organise unique experiences, once-in-a-lifetime opportunities for Master A. (If anyone has Justin Bieber’s cellphone number, please do feel free to pass it on to me.)

Sadly, I don’t have these connections or the money that normally is required to operate in these orbits but that doesn’t mean I resent anyone who does.

Like most loving parents, the Beckhams want the best for their children. There is absolutely nothing wrong in that and they shouldn’t be made to feel ashamed of those values.

In hindsight, perhaps, they were ill-advised and should have kept the photos of the special day for their eyes only. But, I know if it was Master A at the Palace, meeting one of the princes, I would be bursting with excitement and want to share the experience with the world.

As for the usual suspects giving Buckingham Palace grief about hosting the tea party? Get off the Grand Old Lady’s back… and go eat some cake.

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