"The craziest thing I've ever seen," said @TheReal_JDavis , from Boston, who posted this tweet of turkeys circling a dead cat.

There's more than a dozen of them keeping neat formation around the poor past pussy.

Some kind of elaborate burial ritual? Or maybe gloating over a fallen foe.

Thing is, no-one's really sure, not for certain sure anyway.

Alan Krakauer, of University of California, told The Verge , it might be a predator inspection. The turkeys are circling so the cat knows the turkeys are there. Although, of course, the cat doesn't know much apart from how it squandered eight previous lives wildly overestimating its competence.

It's not so crazy a theory. Apparently other birds in the turkey family – chickens, pheasants, quail go round in circles a lot. They tend to follow the bird in front and if the bird in front is following another bird in front, you've got an eternal conga.

But why stick a cat in the middle of that clueless ramble. Our best guess – typical highway crash rubber-neckers.

Which is pretty much a turkey speciality.