When he picked up the coveted Glitterball as the Strictly Come Dancing 2016 Champion after dazzling with his jazz show dance and jive, Ore Oduba went from a modestly known sports presenter to arguably one of the UK’s biggest household names – and one of TV’s hottest commodities.

Who knew that beneath that mild-mannered exterior burned a dazzling star that impressed the widow of Gene Kelly enough for her to hop on a plane to see him perform in the Strictly final?

Our Witch Twitch had its suspicions – and even had a sneaky flutter on the 7/1 outsider. We’ve also had a peek into what the Tarot says is coming into Ore’s Orbit.

Destiny Calling

Ore’s name means gift from the heavens so the talented TV presenter was always going to shine brightly. There’s no mistaking Ore’s drive and ambition. From a small boy he dreamed of becoming a sports broadcaster. He got his break fronting CBBC’s Newsround but it was only a matter of time before his natural charm and easy-going presenting style drew him to the attention of Big Boys’ TV.

He now regularly commentates on sporting events (along with Clare Balding he was the standout presenter at this year’s Olympics) but our Witch Twitch says the Twinkle Toes is going to be dancing to a whole new tune now he has that ball. Forget the supporting roles, Ore has shown he’s leading man material.

Scratch The Surface

The Tarot shows that Ore is one of life’s givers. He likes nothing better than adopting the big brother role, supporting those around him and inspiring them to achieve great things. This was evident in the relationship he formed with his Strictly professional dance partner Joanne Clifton.

Our Witch Twitch says it’s this unique ability to make others feel great about themselves, a politician’s catnip, that will see Ore achieve great things in the future.

Ore Oduba wins the BBC's Strictly Come Dancing

Midas Touch

Our guides say the 30-year-old has huge creative ability and a bundle of artistic talents – many of which still remain untapped. If Strictly hadn’t presented itself, the cards show he would never have achieved – or even realised – his potential in dance.

The tarot shows that he needs to now open himself up to new challenges, to think outside the TV box. Our Witch Twitch says those parameters are too small for his talent. The guides warn that, although he needs to ride this particular wave, he shouldn’t be too hasty when it comes to making decisions.

The Tarot shows him fronting a new format quiz or chat show. We also foresee a profitable trip across The Pond in 2017. He doesn’t know it yet but he’s already on some influential radars.

Inner Dream

Ore has made no secret that his next goal is to become a father, with his stunning wife TV researcher Portia.

The Tarot shows that he is indeed following his inner dream. He pictures himself guiding and fostering the perfect family in the perfect home, with himself in the centre adored by both his wife and children.

Our Witch Twitch says like chimney sweep Bert from the film Mary Poppins Ore can conjure up an image and see it become a reality.

So whatever his mind’s eye can conceive it can magically achieve.

Is this message for you?

Rachel: You need to let go of something before midnight on Christmas Eve otherwise it will haunt you for many months to come.

Charlie P: Don’t be a Scrooge. Now is the time to play fast and loose with your cash.

Hugo: Sharing a mince pie with someone is going to be the start of something special.

Ella: Don’t be fooled by the hipster in the festive jumper – he’s really not that into you.

Suna: A new number plate is on its way. That’s one gift you weren’t expecting!

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