As a working mum I’m an advocate for women choosing how they strike a balance between work and home life – that’s whether or not they work while they’re pregnant, decide to be a stay-at-home mum or opt to return to the workplace once they’ve had their baby. It’s down to the individual.

However, my attitude on this subject has been challenged after hearing about a pregnant sex worker who has defended her right to carry on seeing her clients right until the day she gives birth.

Summer Sebastian says she “wants to make a statement that supports the right of a woman to choose to work as a prostitute while pregnant”.

She says she wants to encourage women to make the right choices.

The 30-year-old American, who is the second trimester, works as a fully legal prostitute at a licensed brothel in Nevada.

Hanging out with my 9-year-old is like drinking from the fountain of youth

And far from covering up her baby bump, she is using it as a unique selling point, describing herself to potential punters as the “Pregnant Girlfriend Experience”. She entices clients further by adding the surge in pregnancy hormones has driven her sex drive upwards.

It’s sad that many women across the world do experience some form of discrimination or disadvantage in the workplace.

It’s wrong and it shouldn’t happen. Summer is right to argue that a pregnant woman shouldn’t feel bullied or pressured into quitting her job.

But, I wonder just how eager she will be to carry on working once she’s lugging around an extra 20 or 30+ pounds, coping with an expanding uterus that is rearranging her organs, and when the thought of even rising from an armchair seems like a strenuous workout.

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