Olly Murs is the boy-next-door who has shown that, with the likeability factor, some raw talent, a lot of hard work, buckets of self belief and a dose of good fortune, you can climb to the top of the entertainment ladder.

On Saturday and Sunday, the singer-songwriter will be performing at this year’s Capital FM Jingle Bell Ball 2016 at The O2 alongside artists such as Calvin Harris and Ellie Goulding. So we thought we’d take a look into our crystal ball to find out a bit more.

What’s In A Name

Olly’s name is inspired by the olive tree. It is associated with extending an olive branch as an offer of peace. However our guides say the Wrapped Up singer doesn’t always follow this gesture of goodwill. The cards suggest he’s a stubborn mule and finds it difficult to forgive and forget.

If he feels he’s been wronged by someone, he’ll close the door on that person forever – even if it means hurting himself in the process. Our Witch Twitch reminds us though that to err is human, to forgive divine.


Since splitting with girlfriend of three years Francesca Thomas, Olly has been playing the field. But, the cards reveal, he’s not a happy chappy. The novelty of being footloose is wearing thin.

This cat in the hat likes the security and comfort of being in a relationship. But, ladies, be warned he’s rather picky. To make his heart skip a beat, you need to be ultra feminine, be a great cook, down-to-earth – and be ready to be at his beck and call.

Our Witch Twitch says Olly needs to look outside showbiz for a new love. The cards show a reunion with a past flame or flirtation may just be the answer.

Olly Murs meets his fans


Don’t be fooled by the cheeky-chappie persona, the cards show our Olly has a core of steel. When he auditioned for The X Factor in 2009 and said his ambition was to be an “international superstar” he meant it.

Nothing or no-one was going to stop him – his twin Ben found that out when Olly chose to rehearse for The X Factor semi-finals instead of attending his brother’s wedding.

Our guides say despite not having the strongest of voices, Olly’s grit, will, determination and sheer hard work have transformed him into a credible artist.

The cards show he has good judgment when it comes to money and that he understands how to build and accumulate material wealth. Our Witch Twitch says, as long as he stays true to his roots, always finds the time to play football with his mates, there’s still a lot more to come.

Inner Secret

The cards show the 32-year-old dreams of the perfect family life. He pictures himself as an adoring husband, with a homemaker of a wife, and, as a devoted dad, taking Olly Jnr with him to see his beloved Manchester United and treating Little Miss O to the latest Gucci bag.

However, the tarot reveals the Grow Up singer is wrestling with this image partly because he feels he’s too young to “settle down”, and partly because he feels he cannot jump off the bandwagon in case he can never again get back on.

Our Witch Twitch says the fates may just step in, take the matter into their own hands by making sure, like one of his song titles suggests, that he’s in the right place at the right time.

Is this message for you?

Fiona: Forget it! You’re old enough to be his mother.

Andy P: Kill the speed. It’s better to be late in this life than early in the next.

Hasan: Curb your temper. Now is not the time to pick an argument.

Tara: Take the lift instead of the stairs this week. You may find it elevates your love life.

Tom: They’ll be some foul play at the five-a-side. Watch your shins.

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Lady Luck – good week for

Danny Mac scores first perfect 40 of series

Danny Mac: The ex-Hollyoaks star and his dance partner Oti Mabuse made Strictly history this week when their tribal-inspired salsa scored a perfect 40, the first time ever the dance style has been awarded top marks by the judges. All that glitters is soon to be Danny’s gold.

Paul Hollywood: Life has become a lot grander for the GBBO host who became lord of the manor this week when he moved into his new home, a sprawling £1.45million Grade II-listed mansion. Our Witch Twitch says there’s a lot more dough to come.

Iggy Azalea: Although we’re not fans of surgical enhancement, our Witch Twitch commends the young Aussie rapper for not hiding the fact she’s been under the knife – unlike so many other “natural beauties” we could mention.

Evil Eye – bad week for

Actor Gerard Butler

Gerard Butler: The Scottish actor has split from his gorgeous girlfriend Morgan Brown, with reports blaming the break-up on the Gods Of Egypt star’s legion of female admirers. Our Witch Twitch says the hunky Scot will find Ms Brown a hard act to follow.

Spartacus: The beloved bulldog of glamour model Coco Austin and rapper Ice-T woofed goodbye to the world earlier this week after complications from surgery. He may not be here in a smooth-haired body but his I Am Spartacus spirit lives on.

Bank of England: Vegans have voiced their anger after the Bank Of England confirmed new polymer £5 notes contain tallow, a form of animal fat . We’re calling for a global £5 amnesty. All polymer notes can be sent or handed in anonymously to Witch Of The Wharf.

What is it? Aquamarine


This week we feel the properties of the semi-precious stone Aquamarine are particularly relevant. This magical stone will give you the quite courage and clear reasoned words you need to deal with a dispute or argument. Don’t back away from confrontation.