An insightful media commentator or an overbearing bully – whatever your thoughts are on Jeremy Clarkson there’s no escaping the fact he is indeed a “Special One”.

The former Top Gear frontman has not been seen on our screens since being axed by the BBC for punching a producer in a row over a cold buffet. But now he’s back with new show, The Grand Tour , which launches Friday, November 18, on Amazon Prime, with the biggest budget ever for a streaming internet TV series.

What’s In A Name?

In Hebrew the name Jeremy means exalted of the Lord. Couple this with his initials being JC and it’s no coincidence that our Jezza is a man who at times can behave like someone with a God complex.

The tarot cards suggest this media giant –he is a vertiginous 6ft 5in – has an unmoving mindset that he is infallible; never likes to admit he’s wrong; and would rather die before failing at any task no matter how daunting it may be.

Our Witch Twitch points out these same traits were also the driving force behind mass murderer Charles Manson, cult leader David Koresh and US President elect The Donald. The heavens say: World you have been warned.

Destiny’s Child

It would appear the stars were perfectly aligned when little Jezza passed his driving test gliding effortlessly like a Rolls-Royce Ghost Series II from a local reporter to global star.

But, our guides say, it’s not all down to luck. This talented individual is fiercely ambitious and a natural born leader. He’s driven by a need to succeed. The tarot shows there are times he fears that fame and fortune may all disappear which is why he sticks to the familiar.

Our Witch Twitch says: If ain’t broke don’t fix it.

A car "crashed" into a post box outside King's Cross Station ahead of the launch of Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May's new show, The Grand Tour, on Amazon Prime Video

Friend Or Foe

Jeremy attracts friends easily. However, to be part of his gang, the tea leaves reveal, you need to have a spirit of adventure and be fiercely loyal. If you tick these boxes, you will be richly rewarded, as his co-presenters Hammond and May discovered when they quit Top Gear in protest at his sacking.

Friend-to-the-end Jezza immediately got them signed to his new show where they will each earn a reported £7.2million a year. Loyalty pays. And what’s become of Jezza’s treacherous pal, The Ginger One? ‘Evans only knows. And our Witch Twitch says: Frankly, my dear Chris, Mr Clarkson doesn’t give a damn.

Inner Secret

The tarot shows that although Jezza comes across as arrogant and super confident deep down he is really shy and reserved. His boorish nature is a camouflage for what is a desire to impress.

In truth he wants to be liked, to fit in. But, our guides, say he wears the mask well and the only one who really knows is the man looking back from the rear-view mirror.

Is this message for you?

Kiran: Stop for five minutes and enjoy the view. It’s as much about the journey as reaching the destination.

Caroline: You need to speak up even if it means hurting those nearest and dearest.

CT: You will soon be rewarded for a past effort.

Letitia: A sashay through North Colonnade this week could spell the beginning of a new adventure.

Dan: Cut back on those pie and pints or else there will be trouble ahead.

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What's this? The Chariot

Part of the Major Arcana, the Chariot requires you to assert yourself and be bold.

This week, you need to have faith in yourself and know who you are and what you stand for. It is no good sitting on the fence or playing lip service.

Be true to who you are and you will overcome any obstacles or challenges in your way.