Since bagging the Best Actress award at the Golden Globes earlier this week for her flawless performance in La La Land, out in cinemas on Friday, Emma Stone has become Hollywood’s newest golden girl, skyrocketing to the top of every film director’s wish list.

We’ve been a fan of the unconventional beauty since seeing her nail it in the comedy Easy A – we love a spiralling-out-of-control white lie story – and so it was with ease we cast her runes.

What’s In A Name

With a name like Stone she was always going to be immovable once she had decided on her chosen career path.

She got the acting bug when she was 12, cast as an otter in a stage version of Wind In The Willows.

But, the tarot shows, this rolling stone was never going to stay as support cast member. The bright lights were always calling to this fiercely ambitious and determined red head.

Our Witch Twitch says the star’s unwavering belief in her dreams is the key to her power. Take time out to dream it’s what the future is made of.

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield attend the 17th annual AFI Awards at Four Seasons Los Angeles at Beverly Hills on January 6, 2017


Romantics around the world would love the 28-year-old to rekindle her love affair with actor Andrew Garfield.

The pair dated on and off for five years after first meeting at the casting for the roles of Peter Parker and his love interest Gwen Stacy in the film that would catapult them both into the big league– The Amazing Spider-Man.

They were seen as one of Hollywood’s young power couples. But, our guides say now Emma’s broken free from the web, and despite still having deep-rooted feelings, it’s unlikely that she’ll skitter back to this particular arachnid.

Our Witch Twitch senses that her next romantic entanglement will be a rather different affair, one that will set a number of tongues wagging. Watch her space.

Animal totem

La Stone may be drawn to spiders but her Native American Animal Totem is the snake.

We’re not saying she shares the same negative traits one often associates with the legless reptile – a Slytherin housemate at Hogwarts, she is not. Whenever the snake sheds its skin it goes through a kind of life-death-rebirth cycle, creating a sense of immortality with each new incarnation.


The tarot shows it is this energy that affords the wide-eyed star the ability to transmute so effortlessly when it comes to the eclectic roles she tackles. 

There are many more skins to be shed, new embodiments to be revealed, but our Witch Twitch warns Emma needs to always remember who she is at the core – and never take herself too seriously.

La La Land starring Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling

What Lies Within

Our guides say that while Emma shares many of the characteristics of the girl-next-door, the approachable type of characters she often portrays, she also has a more adventurous and devilish side.

The tarot shows she can be utterly disarming, unrelenting, strange and full of contrasts which at times may unsettle those around her – especially egotistical co-stars, casting agents and directors.

Often what lies within should be closely guarded. Fortunately, our Witch Twitch says this smart cookie has learned to mask. She cleverly flashes one of her megawatt smiles, places the frog back in the box and waits while the balance is once again restored to La La Land. But the shift is all in her power!

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