Football pundit and sports presenter Gary Lineker has called for a ban on homework saying children already have long enough school days.

He says this extra work is putting undue stress on children as well as adding pressure to overstretched parents who often have to oversee the tasks.

I would probably agree with him – especially seeing the amount of work that Master A brings home each week and the hours I spend on it helping him – but do I really want to hear what this former footballer has to say on this subject?

Quite frankly, No.

I don’t care for his opinions and really don’t feel he’s any kind of authority on the subject.

When I have a toothache, I go to a dentist. When I have problems with my car, I go to a mechanic.

When I have an issue with Master A’s schooling, I will seek guidance from a teacher, not from the likes of Mr Lineker or the growing number of famous folk who feel they can lecture the world on everything from refugee camps and Syria to child immunisation and global warming.

Has homework become too much?

I find it very troubling that the media is happy to give celebrities a platform to air their views, no matter how unqualified they are on the subject. What’s even more worrying is that it seems to believe that just because these “listers” are good at acting, singing, presenting that somehow means we, the little people, want to hear what they have to say.

I’m sure if these media outlets went onto the street and asked people what they really thought about these celebrity views a good majority would say they’re not interested.

Of course, it’s all rather noble and worthy of these celebrities to take up causes and fight the good fight but often these well-meaning deeds and actions can come across as rather patronising. And can actually have a negative impact.

In today’s world children face a myriad issues, with homework probably one of the least of their worries.

Perhaps, Mr Lineker would like to next air his views on childhood obesity, champion the need for healthy eating. I’m sure the Walkers snack food frontman has much to say on the subject.

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