He’s one of the highest paid presenters on TV thanks to his return to The X Factor so it’s little wonder that Dermot O’Leary is the man the National Television Awards opt for to host their annual televised event.

He’s done it for the past six years and will be back fronting it when it comes to The O2 on Saturday.

Our Witch Twitch is intrigued by the sharp-suited presenter, wondering if his aura of mateyness is natural or staged, so it was with this is mind that we sought clarification from the cards.

Scratch The Surface

What you see is what you get but only if it’s carefully crafted and rehearsed first. That’s the picture the tarot is presenting of the popular frontman.

Our guides say there’s a lot of work that goes into making someone as relaxed in front of the cameras and live audiences as Dermot.

He may look like an ordinary bloke you could go and have a pint with but don’t be fooled. This guy means business. It’s handmade suits, organic diet and rigorous fitness regime all the way.

He’s fun to be around but, ultimately, the 43-year-old is a consummate professional. The job comes first. Our guides say he has the luck of the Irish and was born to present. However, any diversifications are not well starred. Although, our Witch Twitch senses a fashion collaboration could prove lucrative for him.

Friends and Relationships

Dermot O'Leary and Dee Koppang

This is one slow operator when it comes to relationships – just ask his wife, director and producer Dee Koppang who had to wait 10 years before he put a ring on it back in 2014.

The BBC Radio 2 presenter likes to take his time with change and, the cards show he must feel a real connection before he can act. He makes friends quickly and easily but, often out of mistrust, he is slow to transition these relationships into deeper friendships or anything more meaningful.

However, our guides say once you do enter his inner shamrock, you’re there for life, with him able to forgive and forget any transgressions or disappointments.

Our Witch Twitch warns there are occasions when he needs to be more open to new experiences and relationships, particularly where work is concerned, otherwise he may be in danger of coming to a standstill. Although with a reported £8million paycheck to present The X Factor for the next four years, we don’t think he’ll be too concerned about being stuck in this particular rut.

Native American Totem

Large Bull Elk pausing for a rest in a dried grass field

The tarot cards show that Dermot is under the influence of the Native American totem Elk. Not the fastest creature on the planet but one filled with a heightened sense of awareness and full of strength and stamina.

This suggests that Dermot takes his time when pursuing a goal; he will always achieve what he sets out to and will get there in the end with renewed energy.

There’s no getting “burned out” for this smart and savvy chappy which is probably one of the reasons his presenting style is so laid back that he’s almost horizontal.

Our guides say why fix something that ain’t broke!

Inner Secret

Our man Dermot dreams of being a dad to an O’Leary brood. The tarot shows he pictures himself as a dad who’s more of a friend and confidante than a disciplinarian – he’ll leave that to the Missus.

Our guides say he would love nothing better than to take his kids to the Emirates Stadium, to watch his beloved Arsenal play.

But, our Witch Twitch, warns that no time is the right time and busy schedules are in danger of blocking those dreams from turning into a reality. A little bit of X Factor in the bedroom wouldn’t go amiss, either.

Practice makes perfect.

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