There seems to be nothing that comedian, actor, author and presenter David Walliams cannot do. His shelves are groaning under the weight of TV awards, while his book sales run into the millions.

Next week (December 1), sees the 6ft 2in national treasure-in-the-making at Indigo at The O2 for a special live Christmas Spectacular where, alongside fellow children’s writer Jeff Kinney, he will entertain with the ubiquitous Walliams’ wit and wonderfulness. A long-time stargazer of the BGT judge, our Witch Twitch was only too happy to cast the runes.

Destiny Calling

In numerological terms, David’s destiny is driven by the number three, a highly-charged digit that points to the stars.

He’s a natural-born showman – and salesman – with a highly-developed imagination able to pitch himself as all things to all men and women. This divine gift has helped him, with comedy partner Matt Lucas, to create some of TV’s most memorable characters.

But, the tarot shows, it’s not all work and no play. Oozing charm, fizzing with fun, Mr Walliams doesn’t just bring the party, he is it. He loves to be the centre of attention. Put simply, he loves to be adored. Flattery is his nectar. Our Witch Twitch warns this, however, may also turn out to be his Achilles Heel.

The One

He’s an elegant eagle ray when it comes to the great pool of love; moving his pectoral fins and abdomen to attract potential mates. Our guides say he falls hard and heavy, always believing he has found “The One”.

However, if the match doesn’t work out, when computer says “No”, he may mourn the loss of the relationship for a while but, then dolphin-like, he’ll dive right back in and on to the next “The One”.

The cards show he bears no ill-will to those he has loved and lost, including his ex-wife and mother to son Alfred, Danish model Laura Stone. One may even say he feels sorry for them.

After all once you’ve experienced his magnificence everyone else pales into insignificance.

However, our Witch Twitch warns there will only be so many The Ones before the ever-optimistic diver hits shallow waters.

David Walliams arrives dressed up as a menber of The Beatles on the red carpet for Britain's Got Talent auditions

Need To Succeed

The Tarot shows that whatever David turns his hand to will be a success. He has total faith in his own abilities so that no challenge or task is too great. Swim the Channel? “Yes, I can do that no problem.”

Write children’s books? “Why not? I’ll have a go at writing a screenplay for DreamWorks on the side.”

It’s not the new experiences that drive him, but the need to demonstrate that he can master them. The tarot shows he has a point to prove, which makes our Witch Twitch wonder just whose voice he hears whenever he celebrates another achievement.

Inner Secret

Our guides suggest David seeks a bigger stage than little Britain on which to showcase his genius Hello, Hollywood.

Anything Ricky and Russell can do, Our Witch Twitch suggests it’s out there for the taking but David will need to switch things up, assume a new role.

Rein in the camp and cross-dressing Emily Howard and focus on the Terry-Thomas debonair. He’s almost there, which bodes well as the crystals show he has so much still left to do. But, Our Witch Twitch warns, at his back he always hears, Time’s winged chariot approaching fast.

Is this message for you?

Saaj: You’d better put a ring on it otherwise she’s soon going to take flight.

Kerry: Those little nips and tucks are beginning to wear thin. Less is more.

ER: A good leader knows how to follow. You don’t know it all.

Freddie: Watch your back someone wants to cause mischief for you.

Mark: You know she is watching over you. Acknowledge her presence and feel her love.

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What is it? Turkey Spirit

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