Theresa May has blasted Labour’s manifesto at a press conference in Canary Wharf.

The Prime Minister visited One Canada Square ahead of unveiling the Conservative manifesto on Thursday, May 18.

She said Jeremy Corbyn’s policies did not “pass the test” and were a “fantasy list of promises paid for with imaginary money”.

Chancellor Philip Hammond also tore into the opposition and said the “numbers do not add up” .

He dismissed Labour’s “nonsensical plans”, which he said were a “shambles” and would lead to a £58 billion “black hole in just one year alone”.

The PM did not reveal policy details from the Conservative manifesto but when asked to respond to Labour proposing a tax increase on the top 5% of earners said: “There is a very clear choice between the two parties.

“The Conservatives believe in lower taxes and will continue to be a lower tax party. And Labour will want to put up taxes which will mean jobs lost and higher prices for customers. The Labour manifesto will man lower income families up and down the country will pay the price.”

She said it was key to assess the full impact of the “imposition on business” proposed by Labour.

“It isn’t right to think nobody else will pay.

“If they (businesses) don’t think the UK is a good place to come we won’t see investment and jobs coming here so people will lose out.

“We need to make sure the UK is the most attractive place to set up a businesses and grew a business as that will secure people’s futures.”

When asked if Brexit was to blame for the 17% drop in Sterling she said: “Sterling has started to fall back before the Referendum came through. There have been adjustments and it hasn’t just gone down. What matters is that we have a credible economic plan that can deal with circumstances as they develop.”

Mr Hammond added:“Business hates uncertainty. So they more we can create certainty about the relationship with Europe and how they will be able to operate businesses the better.

“That needs strong leadership in those negotiations and it is very clear Jeremy Corbyn can’t provide that.”

The PM also addressed the furore over President Trump revealing state secrets to Russian diplomats.

She said the allegations was a “matter for Donald Trump” and confirmed Britain would continue to hare intelligence with the United States.

“We have a very special relationship with the USA, the most important defence and security relationship we have around the world.

“When I went there Donald Trump was able to commit 100% to Nato which is an important bedrock in the security of Europe.

She added: “We continue to share information with the US as we do with others because we are all working together to deal with terrorism. It is an important part of maintaining our security.”

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