Anyone who works in an office can testify to the importance of the printer – and how frustrating it can be when it breaks.

Workflow Group is a business solutions company specialising in installing printers and photocopiers but, according to sales executive Tom Brady, its real specialism is customer service.

Tom said: “A lot of companies do what we do, but we offer a service that no-one else offers.

“We value our customers over everything. I know of other companies where they just install the printer and then forget about the customer, and if something goes wrong a few months down the line it takes them a long time to respond.

“We make sure we stay in touch. If someone calls and says they have a problem then, depending on how close we are, we either give them a two-hour call out target or a four-hour target. If we miss that target, we credit the customer’s account to apologise.

“We find that, with a lot of our customers, as time goes on they become your friends.

“We want to give our customers the best and, when we have these relationships with them, it means they will often go on to recommend us to others.”

As well as installing and maintaining printers and photocopiers, Workflow Group’s expertise also includes televisions, telephones, franking machines and document management solutions.

The company serves customers nationwide, and is focusing on growing its London base after moving into new offices in Liverpool Street. It sponsored the Professional Services category at The Wharf Property Awards 2017 .

Tom worked as an estate agent in a large firm before joining Workflow Group a year ago.

He said: “I worked for a really huge company, and in a huge company you don’t always get cared about as much as in smaller companies.

“I understand from experience how, in big companies, it’s very important to be able to rely on printing software. Especially if you’re talk about an estate agency or a law firm, where they have to do a lot of printing by a certain deadline.

“People overlook how important things like effective printing and copying systems are until they go wrong.”

He added: “I love meeting people face to face. I just really like getting out there and meeting people, and getting to know the different companies in the area.

“Every customer you meet is different, there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach.”

For more information, visit the Workflow Group website .

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