One of three agencies to expand into Greenwich in 2015, Madison Brook has set up shop in the Royal borough.

Its managing director John Lipper spoke about the new store in Horseferry Place, which opened on March 1 and covers everything between Shad Thames and Woolwich.

Madison Brook in Greenwich

How does it differ to other branches?

We’ve made the office really funky – it’s as trendy as I know how to be, with slightly different art work.

Also, we’ve picked people with knowledge and interests in the area. It’s a very quirky area, very bohemian and so we’ve tried to be in keeping with that.

Madison Brook in Greenwich

What do you feel you offer at this new store and what can you provide prospective buyers/renters?

What makes us stand out is the care we take in people. All other agents say this, but they don’t actually do it.

We try to go for a more boutique approach, we don’t offer reductions, so we make sure the staff care about the property and the buyer or tenant and make sure they treat that property as if it were their own.