Estate agency Metro Village will be exhibiting at Buy London: The Developing Skyline, keen to offer its expertise and properties to the investors attending.

Director Ching Tang explained what the firm she founded does for those looking to buy from overseas and why she believes the market for cash coming into the country is set to grow.

She said: “We tend to present development opportunities to our investment clients complete with rental yields. But we also try to sell the capital growth as well – that’s the guarantee as rents can fluctuate.

“I believe without foreign investors the properties would not be there for domestic customers to buy as many developments would not get built without their contribution.

“In many ways they’re also solving a short-term housing crisis in London by providing properties to rent so people have a place to live.

“Whether that’s housing associations providing social rent at new developments or serving the needs of private individuals, at least the population is catered for, to some extent, as a result of investment from overseas.

“We’re hoping to bring some exciting developments to showcase at Buy London: The Developing Skyline .

“The weak pound certainly provides opportunities for investment and I believe we will see an upturn in the number of people making such purchases from overseas.

“I believe in the future there will be even more foreign investment so the market will remain healthy.”

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