Buy London was hosted in collaboration with Sina and featured five guest speakers.

Here, we chat to four of the panel as well as a spokesperson from Knight Frank to get the full lowdown.

Read our report on the night.

Speaker John Garwood from Canary Wharf Group

Who? Canary Wharf Group Plc Company Secretary John Garwood

What did he talk about? The Great Estate - Canary Wharf and its new role as a residential developer for schemes including 10 Park Drive

Savvy stat? Its residential developments will help drive the population of the estate from 112,000 to 200,000 during the next 10 years.

He said: “They will transform Canary Wharf and how you think about it.

“It’s a way to move from work and shops to a residential location and this is to meet the demands of a new generation of workers.

“The next generation want to live near where they work and they want to live in the city - that’s what this accommodation is going to provide.

“It’s all about experience living and it’s critical to give the full experience to people.

“We are used to people putting up barren blocks of flats but people need to have experiences they want to enjoy.”

Who? Partner at Knight Frank Andrew Groocock

What happened at the Knight Frank stand? Andrew chatted to Chinese investors about plumping for properties in east London, specifically at two developments in E14 - Canary Wharf Group’s 10 Park Drive and Berkeley Homes’ South Quay Plaza.

Savvy stat? A couple of years ago, Chinese buyers were opting to buy London homes to live in themselves for a couple of months a year. Now they are increasingly focussed on purchasing property for their offspring.

He said: “The two schemes are, in our opinion, the two best going on in Canary Wharf at the moment.

“The way they are designed is a style Chinese buyers know.

“It’s similar to the high rise culture over there as well as being new homes - Far East buyers tend to prefer to buy brand new, and the quality will be second to none.

“And with the location they offer the safety and security aspect.”

Who? Director of Landmark Estates Spencer Fortag

What did he talk about? Why it is a good time to invest in the property market and why property prices were increasing

Savvy stat? 81 per cent of new build properties in London are purchased by overseas investors.

He said: “What really interests me is the why behind things - we all know property prices are increasing but why is that?

“It’s because we are not building enough properties to meet the population expansion.

“That’s one of the main reasons and, quite frankly, what else are you going to do with your money apart from classic cars which are a bit risky for some people?

“There’s nothing that performs better.

“This is really good for an independent agent like ourselves to talk to a captive overseas market we wouldn’t normally have the opportunity to present to.”

Who? Lettings manager at Hamptons International Chris Boswell

What did Hamptons talk about? The importance of an area’s infrastructure, the continual demand to live in London and stressed an area takes time to come through.

He said: “The Far East market from my perspective makes up a huge percentage of clients and that’s very important to us.

“It’s such a core demographic.

“Having direct access to these people here at the event, at face level, is great as most don’t live in London.

“Having the chance to meet them and talk about us as a company isn’t usually that easy to do so it was an opportunity not to be missed.

“We are a relatively new office in Canary Wharf so it’s brand exposure and meeting new clients too and, even though we are an international company, we are trying to put ourselves on the map in this area.”

Who? Land and property director at Crossrail Ian Lindsay

What did he talk about? The impact of the transport service on London

Savvy stat? Study showed Crossrail would add 5.5billion to property values all over London

He said: “We are very keen it’s not just about transport - Crossrail is more than a railway.

“We are about creating a place and destination, and real regeneration impacting on the areas we serve.

“We are delivering a key piece of UK infrastructure and it’s important we get the message across as to what impact it’s going to have both on industry and the property market.

“I think Crossrail will help turn Canary Wharf from something that’s a commercial destination to a much more mixed community.”