Amid the power chords, flames and sparks we managed to grab a few words with the winners at The Wharf Property Awards 2017: Rock Of Agents.

Presented in association with Principal Sponsor Canary Wharf Group and Founding Sponsor Gawor And Co Solicitors the event recognises the brightest and the best in the industry in Docklands and east London.

Here's what those receiving awards had to say for themselves.

New Starter

Steph Rady of Living In London accepts her award

Steph Rady

Living in London

The 25-year-old has worked for the independent estate agents, which has offices in Canada Water and Marine Wharf, for seven months.

She said:“It’s amazing, I really didn’t expect it. It was a bit of a shock when they called my name.

“It’s great to be recognised for starting with a new company and helping them as much as possible.

“I have been in the property industry about four years. I was draw to it after uni and I love the fast pace.

“I think my bosses will expect a lot more from me now so I better up my game.”

Sales Support

Niharika Samuel collects the Sales Support award

Niharika Samuel

Chanin Estates

Niharika said: “It’s an amazing achievement I’m really, really happy. I love my company and it’s just such a great place to work.

“My boss is always really supportive of me and to get this award just makes it that much better.

“It’s been a great event – it’s really good for morale in the company.”

Sales Negotiator

(sponsored by Crowne Plaza London Docklands )

Kiera McCarthy – our Sales Negotiator winner collects her award

Kiera McCarthy

Chanin Estates

The 29-year-old from West Ham said: “I have been in the industry for 11 years now so this is definitely something that shows my dedication. I’m really happy.

“I have worked for the company for just over a year but I have known the company owner for many years as we worked together in the past.

“It’s a big achievement to come this far.

‘I have worked for lots of competitors but this is by far the most forward driven company I have worked for. Our clients love us and we love them.

“A personable approach is the key to being a good sales negotiator. You sell yourself first.”

Lettings Negotiator

Terence Crowder of Metro Village receives his second lettings negotiator award in two years

Terence Crowder

Metro Village

Terence said: “It’s great to win – it just goes to show that hard work pays off. I’ve recently been promoted to manager so as of June I’ll no longer be a lettings negotiator. Everything is about to turn for the best.

“I think The Wharf Property Awards are fantastic – it’s an opportunity for those in the industry to get on board, show what they’re good at – it’s a real stepping stone.

“To win for the second year in a row feels great. My mum will be very happy.”

Professional Services

(sponsored by Workflow Group )

Grant Saw Solicitors receive their award

Grant Saw Solicitors

Ray Crudgington said: “It’s fantastic for the whole of Grant Saw, we are delighted.

“We have offices in Greenwich and Blackheath a serviced office in Canary Wharf as well so it’s fantastic to get this for professional services.

“It means we care about our clients and we go the extra mile and make sure we are fighting for and battling for our clients at every occasion.”

New Office Or Agency

David Campbell of Telford Homes picks up one of his firm's two awards

Telford Homes

David Campbell of Telford Homes said: “We’re delighted to win.

"We’ve got a 15-year commitment in Stratford where we’ve opened the facility and we’re delighted to receive some recognition from someone we support very strongly – The Wharf, which has been a great publication for us, a great draw of inquiries.

“The event’s been fantastic – very unusual – really lovely. It makes a nice change.”

Telford Homes also won out Architectural Achievement award (sponsored by Metro Bank ) for its Vibe development.

Small Agency

(sponsored by Carrot Cars )

Chanin Estates collect the Small Agency award

Chanin Estates

Chanin Estates’ Catherine Chan said: “I’m actually a bit speechless as this is the third award we’ve won.

“I’m very, very happy. We’ve worked really hard all year and will continue to do so – that’s when you reap the benefits.

“I think Chanin Estates has progressed very far and I think the judges can see that. It’s been three years since I first started, last year we won one award and this year we’ve got three.

“The Wharf Property Awards have been really, really fun this year – they always are. I think the venue completely makes the event.”

Medium-To-Large Agency

(sponsored by Ashworth Group )

Chase Evans collected a pair of awards at the event

Chase Evans

Chase Evans' Nadia Giraroot said: “It’s an amazing achievement.

“It has been hard work this last year with Brexit but this shows the dedication from the staff and management.”

The firm's Pierre Raffre said nurturing employees was a “long process” and included a lot of training to help them improve.

“We have tried to keep them motivated with new monthly and weekly incentives, not just looking at the year.”

Chase Evans also won our Multi-Branch Agency award (sponsored by Make It Cheaper ).


(sponsored by Mirror Money Equity)

Landmark Estates pick up the award for Innovation

Landmark Estates

Landmark Estates' Spencer Fortag said: “I’m delighted. Out of all the ones I could have won this one probably meant the most as we are forward thinking and all about innovation.

“Without sounding too corporate and boring, in the last year we have tried to change our marketing.

“So instead of telling people all about us we are telling them about the local market place and what is happening with local property prices and the area. I think they find that more useful.

“Working in property can be very insular so it is nice to get credit from other people for doing something right.

“It’s a great themed event- although I am more of an R’n’B guy.”

The People’s Choice

(sponsored by Canary Wharf Group )

John Garwood of Principal Sponsor Canary Wharf Group presents Landmark Estates with The People's Choice award

Landmark Estates

Spencer Fortag said: “I thought I was happy before but to win two awards is more than I could have expected.

“This is a recognition of the hard work we have done as a team, so thank you to my wonderful team.”

Corporate Social Responsibility

(sponsored by Kidd Rapinet Solicitors and Galliard Homes )

Canary Wharf Group's Emma Warden collects the Corporate Social Responsibility award

Emma Warden

Canary Wharf Group

Canary Wharf Group’s Emma Warden said: “Canary Wharf wants to be part of the community so Corporate Social Responsibility is our vehicle to do that and we believe in it, we put a lot of effort into it and hopefully the community feels that’s what’s happening.

“We’re really pleased to have won. The Bloom programme that we entered is something we’re really proud of.

“We’ve had more that 2,000 people come to our events last year and we hope that will continue.

“I want to see people take ownership of Crossrail Place’s Roof Garden – it’s a public space, we want the public tobring their own arts forward, for people to use it. The event’s been brilliant tonight.”

Affordable Housing Scheme

(sponsored by The George )

Family Mosaic celebrate their award for Affordable Housing Scheme

Charters Wharf

Family Mosaic

Family Mosaic's Sarah Murray said: “It’s an amazing privilege to have won.

“We have tried really hard with this development and we were up against some amazing people.

“It is a fantastic development and we have built a community and add in luxury and high spec white goods.

“Tonight is absolutely mad and we love it.”

Residential Development

(sponsored by Grant Saw Solicitors )

Ecoworld Ballymore receive their Residential Development award for London City Island

London City Island

Ecoworld Ballymore

Ecoworld Ballymore’s Zhaleah Qayyum said: “It’s an amazing pleasure to have won. It’s our fifth award for the year and we’re absolutely delighted.

“London City Island, considering what we are – a 12-acre piece of regeneration is a phenomenon on its own.

“Thanks to Sean and John Mulryan and their vision I think what we have achieved not many other companies could have.

“What Ecoworld Ballymore has created is a lifestyle and we’re very proud to have achieved that.

“The event has been an absolute blast. We’ve loved it.”

Special Recognition

(sponsored by Gawor And Co Solicitors )

Sir George Iacobescu

Canary Wharf Group

Sir George, who has overseen the development of Canary Wharf over the past 29 years, said: “Thank you so much, it’s a great honour, I’m very grateful.

"The award has my name on it as I'm the head of Canary Wharf, but I would say judge a leader by their followers.

“I take it with great pride as a symbol of the recognition of what Canary Wharf has done and what my colleagues have done in Canary Wharf.

“There is no single person who has made Canary Wharf, it’s always a joint effort.

“I take it on behalf of my colleagues.”

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