Mayor of Tower Hamlets John Biggs says his borough is in the grip of a housing crisis and promised to make the issue a priority for his administration.

He told journalists during a briefing at Mulberry Place the council must focus its efforts on finding ways of making homes more accessible for people who already live in the area.

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He also attacked Mayor of London Boris Johnson for “boasting” about affordable housing, which was beyond the financial reach of Londoners on low incomes.

Mayor Biggs said: “Most questions I get asked at my surgery are about housing, with most people saying they can’t get a home.

“One thing is clear, most affordable housing is not affordable anymore.

“This borough is in a crisis for housing, and we need to work on that as a priority.”

He went on to say that many social and affordable houses built in Tower Hamlets were on the market at unreasonable prices for ordinary Londoners.

“I have arguments with Boris Johnson in the London Assembly about this all the time,” he said. “He boasts about affordable housing, but a lot of these homes are not.

“Politicians are saying one thing and doing another.

“I hear about places being rented for £180-£200-a-week. But if you are a bus driver or teaching assistant you cannot afford that.”

He said the council would put together a team to look at ways of bringing down rents in the borough.