Tower Hamlets is the hardest place in London to find a home with a garden according to an online estate agent.

Only about a third (34.4%) of the 2,944 properties found for sale had an outside space, less than any other borough in the capital.

The research shows house buyers face tough competition all across the capital as four out of 10 (39.5%) properties it looked at didn’t have an outside space. CEO Alex Gosling said: “With the need to build more homes in the UK, and space at a premium, we could well see fewer and fewer new build properties with private gardens.

“Even new build family homes rarely come with the expansive back gardens you might have seen 30 to 40 years ago.

“In heavily populated areas, developments are squeezed in and the reality is that private gardens takes up valuable square footage. Hence, we are likely to see more modern block of flats to meet housing demand, and the outside space will inevitably be sacrificed.”

You are more likely to find a property with a garden if you head to the outer boroughs.

Top of the tree was Bexley with the majority (85.4 %) of homes boasting green space, followed by Bromley (84.2%), Havering (82.7%), Hillingdon (81.1%) and Redbridge (79.6%).

If you ever get tired of London (and of life according to Samuel Johnson) and yearn for days digging in the flower beds you should head to the coastal town of Grimsby.

Belying its name, it is the garden capital of the UK, with a bountiful 93% of properties on the market having a garden.

And it is a mere three and a half hour journey from Canary Wharf.

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