Nicola Fontanella of Argent Design is responsible for conceiving the look of The Spire’s interior. Just as the building’s shape was inspired by its surroundings, so her scheme is a response to the structure.

Taking me through the show apartment at the marketing suite designed by her firm , she says: “It looks like a flower so my take was totally different and I was brought in to do all the interiors.

“Everything was quite angled inside and what I did with the interiors was curve it all.

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“I was guided by the idea that when I go home, I want to feel like I’m at home, not stuck in another office – my whole idea was to soften everything.”

Taking inspiration from the bronze used on The Spire’s exterior , the colours found in its views and the landscapes of Turner, she’s created a series of design motifs that appear throughout the tower, whether that’s in the communal areas or the individual units.

The show home apartment at The Spire's marketing suite featuring the darker of the two schemes available

She says: “You’ll see my handwriting throughout the whole building.

“Just as I’ve introduced curves in reception with the big petal leaf console, those are echoed in the health club where I’ve done pads to relax on around the pool.

“I’ve used teak in that area on the 35th floor because I want it to have a very Zen feel – I’ve used a lot of landscaping at the pool area too.”

As for the apartments, residents can choose from a light option or a slightly darker scheme, albeit only a subtle variation.

Nicola says: “The darkest floor you have is similar to a mink and everything is made bespoke for The Spire.

Nicola has designed bespoke kitchens for the apartments at The Spire

“We’ve thought about everything – the location of plugs and sockets in relation to TVs and mirrors, even where you’re going to store your suitcases.

"What I’ve tried to do is mix quite a few finishes together – we’ve used the bronze detailing to continue all these lines across 8-10 different finishes.

“The kitchens in the apartments are all bespoke and we’ve made sure you’ll get great views from them.

“We’ve also positioned mirrors in all the apartments to exaggerate the views so when you walk through the door you’ll get a great vista.

“All the colours are from Turner like blues and purples – all his wonderful landscapes.

“It’s what you can see – the sky in grey and blue, the Thames in grey, mud and petrol – those were the influences.

“We offer the two different schemes as it adds character to the whole building to have some variation.”

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