If you’re planning to sell your home, you’ll need to give it that Mary Berry effect, according to property portal OnTheMarket.com.

Having a modern or open plan kitchen is apparently the top thing to attract buyers and tenants, closely follow by off-street parking and a back garden and then an en-suite in the master bedroom, neutral painted walls, fast internet connection, a conservatory, a front garden and real wooden floors.

The data, gathered from more than 500 UK estate agents, found that a modern kitchen could increase a property’s value by between £4,000 and £50,000, depending on its overall value and size.

The stats:

  • 28% of agents said a modern kitchen was the one feature that would pull in potential buyers
  • 23% of agents chose a driveway or off-street parking
  • 17% said an open plan kitchen/diner area
  • 14% indicated towards a back garden

Martin Flashman and Co partner Martin Flashman – based in Surrey – said: “While the kitchen has always been a central part of the British home, its popularity amongst buyers and tenants has increased, triggered in part by the surge in culinary TV programmes.

“Buyers are particular about kitchens, their existing facilities and the ability to extend them – you could call this the Mary Berry Effect.

“Families are now spending more time in the kitchen, cooking together, baking, of course, and generally being foodies.”