Roof top yoga ticks all the boxes for trendy, summer-friendly fitness.

Though this weekend, open-air sets of downward dogs and half moon poses were in the slightly more unusual surroundings of East End development London City Island – currently a construction site.

Amid rubble and hard hats, celebrity sparkle was found in the toned form of Scott Ashley.

The man behind the firm tum of Sinitta and Blue’s Duncan James led guests onto vibrant green Astroturf on a raised platform at the marketing suite for 45minutes of Holixir.

He brands his signature combination of tabata, yoga, pilates and group stretching “holistic – it’s hard work, but it’s good,” he said.

And his beam certainly hid a determined streak, intent on putting guests through their paces with burpees, postures and squats galore.

“I love this - it’s nice to be able to get outdoors,” he said. “Being outside is energising, there’s natural daylight and it’s great for when you’re doing yoga and looking up to the sky and having a nice view.

“I think there’s a lot of potential up here and the type of people that are going to be living here are going to be energetic and dynamic.”

The Ballymore scheme in Leamouth Peninsula – a speedy four minutes from Canary Wharf – will ultimately offer 1,700 homes, restaurants, bars and a private members club. Though if you’re a would-be buyer more fond of the sofa than squatting, Scott’s got that sorted too.

Just snap up his e-book, inspired by his training regime for model Penny Lane, on sale next month and let your eyeballs do the flexing.

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