We had a chat with director Sara Colohan about what to expect from the performance

She said: “We were delighted to hear that The Wharf is embracing the world of cabaret and circus for its prestigious awards night, so we were very happy to come along and give a sneak peek into our world.

“Maybe some guests will want to run away with the circus after our show – We hope so.”

Tell us a little about Cirque du Cabaret?

Sara said: “The company works with lots of different performers to create unique shows throughout London and beyond.

“Specialising in circus and burlesque, we can create a show for any event.

“We have created parties for Facebook, Skype and Nokia, even travelling to France to perform at a private party in a chateau.

“Our next public shows are Holt Festival in July and east London’s own Winterville in Victoria Park.”

What can guests expect at the The Wharf Property Awards?

She said: “Cirque du Cabaret will create a bespoke show – offering a little taste of everything we do in our grown up world of circus.

“We hope to add an element of fun to proceedings and have our comedic host Miss Abi Collins to steer us all through some circus and cabaret performances.

“There will be some silliness and of course – the most important part of the evening – the awards themselves.”

Go to cirqueducabaret.com for more information.