If you’ve been dithering about making an offer on that one-bed on the Isle of Dogs you’re in danger of missing out on your dream home.

East London’s Adam Ellis, founder of primepropertyfinders.co.uk in South Quay, said research revealing it takes just 53 minutes for buyers to decide on their new pad highlighted a gap in the market for expert search agents.

Figures from both emoov.co.uk and What Mortgage suggest 6% of buyer across the country submit an offer after a single viewing though in London, 39% return for a third peek around.

The majority of these prospective buyers take less than half an hour to scan the property completely.

Adam said key advice from professionals could help indecisive buyers beat those making speedy decisions to snap up property.

“With the enormity of such a decision for most purchasers, why are most conducting a purchase by themselves and not gaining insider knowledge and expertise from a property search agent?,” he asked.

“Choose carefully and the fee for a finding agent can pay dividends by eliminating competition, gaining access to property not even listed on the open market (off market property) and using their skills of negotiation together with local market research can deliver a substantial saving beyond the outlay.”

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He said the in-and-out viewings highlighted how quickly the market could move at a time where demand outstripped supply.

Meanwhile, with property prices predicted to increase by 5% in the next five years, a helping hand could help to seal the deal.

“This news may increase the caution and time taken to view and evaluate a potential purchase or could increase the urgency to buy and push up the figures of the 6% whom view and offer in minutes,” Adam added.