From tea boy to senior partner, Docklands lawyer Mark Gawor has seen it all in his 41-year career. And now he’s topped it all with a nomination in the special recognition category at The Wharf Property Awards 2016.

The solicitor started Gawor And Co in 1996 , 21 years after he began as a tea-boy at Trowers And Hamlins at the age of 17.

Four decades later, Mark said his time as a property lawyer had been a “massive curve”.

“It’s a daily learning exercise because the law changes and clients change,” he said.

“I love being involved in people’s lives and homes, as I always say we do happy law – people are happy when they buy and are happy when they sell.”

He is one of four nominees up for the award, an honour that he is proud of.

Mark, whose firm has sponsored the awards since their inception in 2013, said: “I enjoy the them. It’s lovely to have our own newspaper and our own ceremony. I enjoy being a part of it and it is nice to finally be nominated for something.”

The 58-year-old started a six-week summer job at Trowers And Hamlins in 1975 where he was initially responsible for the tea before moving up to the heady heights of filing.

However, he loved the experience so much he dropped out of school to begin his legal career, becoming a qualified solicitor in 1984 and setting himself up in Shoreditch.

But he lost 90% of his clients during the economic crash in the late 1980s as the market came to a standstill.

Mark moved to Canary Wharf in 1991 with friend Peter Rouse to set up Rouse And Co before the inception of Gawor And Co.

Mark is nominated in the special recognition category at The Wharf Property Awards 2016

The company at New Crane Wharf is currently celebrating its 20th year in business.

As well as seeing changes politically, legally and economically, Mark has also been witness to the rapid growth of technology, watching as his workplace moved from typewriting to emailing.

“In 1975 we didn’t have mobile phones, fax machines, couriers or the internet,” he said. “When I started we just had manual type writers, electric type writers were just coming in,” he said.

“The electronic age was just a huge change. The market is completely different now.”

But he said the principle of the market remained the same.

“An Englishman’s home is his castle,” said Mark.

“We are the only people in Europe to have this obsession, which is a good thing for a property lawyer.”

And with the vast amount of development in east London, he predicted a bright future for the market.

“I love Canary Wharf,” he said. “I am a Wharf fan and I have been since the day I went down there to have a look.

“I have watched everything being built over the last 20 years. For me, there isn’t a better place to be.”

The winners of The Wharf Property Awards 2016 will be announced at a glittering presentation ceremony at Building Six in The O2 on Thursday, May 19.