First-time buyers making a purchase in June faced an average price hike in excess of £4,000 compared to those who stepped onto the property ladder in May.

The latest research from estate agency network Haart revealed the 2.6% rise for entry level homes with the increase over a year standing at 7.6%.

It also found evidence that soaring prices were stifling demand with first-time buyer registrations with its agents down 13.6% nationally in June and an even more pronounced 17.3% drop in London.

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The figures have prompted group to call on the Government to act.

Haart CEO Paul Smith said: “First-time buyer house prices climbed £4,150 in a single month or £138 every day in June.

“A potential first-time buyer on an average salary of £27,000 must be prepared to spend 42% of their take home salary on mortgage repayments, showing the traditional rule of spending no more than 30% of income on housing is no longer a reality for many.

“As a result, we’ve seen a knock-on effect on first-time buyer registrations which are down 13.6% annually.

“The only solution to this is to unlock the market and free up supply.

“Efficient use of space is a must and we need to dispel fears that downsizing indicates older home owners have lost their zest for life.

“Movement in the upper echelons of the market will free up stock at all levels and put the brakes on property price growth.

“There are currently 11 buyers chasing every new property to come onto the market in the UK, and in London the figure is nearly double at 20 to one.

“However, the Government’s recent announcement in the emergency budget that the inheritance tax threshold is to be raised to £1million and that an inheritance tax credit will be implemented, should encourage those with larger, more expensive homes to downsize.

“This should have a trickle-down effect and boost the supply of starter homes at the lower end of the market, helping first-time buyers.”