The mission of those marketing offices at two adjoining sites in Soho is accomplished. Media across London has picked up the story of opulent space at 40 Beak Street and 1-3 Upper James Street, revelling in tales of desks with buttons to order Champagne, cocktails and caviar.

Does hedge fund excess know no bounds? Are the fleshpots of the City really so extravagant?

Well, although such extras are on the options list, with refreshments supply mooted from a branch of Sticks N Sushi below, is any serious firm really likely to allow its staff on-demand booze and seafood?

Press for champagne

Not to spoil a good story with the truth, perhaps there are still businesses indulging in the wearing cliche of the long lunch.

But despite their headline-grabbing silliness, the consumable delivery quirks are probably of little interest to future inhabitants of the offices, which cost developer Enstar Capital £550 per sq ft to fit-out.

Prospective tenants will have access to valet staff, private terraces and balconies, spa-style bathrooms modelled on Manhattan’s Gansevoort Hotel and lifts that take just two seconds to travel between floors.

Enstar Capital chief executive Simon Lyons said: “40 Beak Street will be the finest office complex in Soho, built to last 100 years and currently the largest construction project taking place in the area.

“The building will be fitted out to a luxurious residential quality and, should the occupier wish, food lifts, drink buttons, comfort cooling and bespoke interiors can form part of the specification.

Press for caviar

“Owning next door at Upper James Street too (a joint venture with Topland Group) means we have a dominant position in the best part of Soho.”

Other features at the buildings include pre-lancprogrammed, switch-free lighting, comfort cooling and heating, a specially commissioned sculpture by artist Lee Simmons and a hotel-style foyer with concierge desk.

The £100million twin property scheme offers a combined 46,750sq ft of office space.

The Beak Street site, a joint venture with Landcap , will provide 15,500sq ft of space, along with the Sticks N Sushi restaurant on the ground floor. It is due to be completed in March 2018.

The adjoining property at 1-3 Upper James Street comprises 26,000sq ft of existing offices and includes restaurant Bob Bob Ricard on its ground floor, itself famous for Press For Champagne buttons at every table.

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