Recently launched Chanin Estates has acquired a strong following after opening three months ago, according to its founder.

Catherine Chan said: “I believe in building a good rapport with people, which is why I think those I have worked with come back to me.

“A lot of our recognition has come through word of mouth and being based in Citibank’s building has been great as well – I’ve already let a few properties to its employees.”

After working for Metro Village and Franklin James, Catherine took some time away from the property world but came back with her own company last year.

She said: “This was my long term goal. I have always wanted to own my own agency and it was the right time to do it.

“I’m a single mother and have had a lot of things change me in the last few years.

“I thought, ‘I want to branch out,’ and property has always been my passion.

“At Chanin Estates we all work together as a team. They respect what I say in terms of me being a woman – there’s banter, but they understand there are boundaries.

“Men respect women in managerial positions nowadays. It’s more typical. I’m a very positive person – I always see the good in a situation.

“People tend to trust female agents more and they tend to be less aggressive than men at times.

“My main focus is to be as transparent as possible and I know my team shares that.”

Catherine’s goal is to grow the company to be a well known independent agency, but said her focus was on customer service.

She said: “There aren’t any unrealistic goals. I think that whatever you put your mind to and wherever you want to go in life you can.”

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