A lot of us are searching for the perfect home.

Stefan Huebbe, a master engineer and keen sailor and Lars Voigt, an interior design and furniture expert decided to build it.

Well, their version of it anyway.

The result was Rev House , a German-based company that builds boats in the style of penthouse apartments.

“The name stands for revolutionary living spaces,” said Lars.

“Our vision was to create a space for people to live on the water. We wanted to create something different from just living in the city.

Co-founders of Rev House Lars Voigt (left) and Stefan HŸbbe (centre)

“Stefan was a sailor and thought it would be wonderful to be able to live on a boat but without that feeling that space is limited like on a sailing boat.

“Something you can really be comfortable on.”

They began building prototypes with their bare hands, expanding their vision until by July 2015 the boats had become luxurious, two-storey, 40 tonne models, one of which is used as their offices in Germany and the other which is on show at Limehouse Marina.

The open plan living space

“The biggest challenge was making our vision a reality,” said Lars.

“We wanted it to really feel like you are on boat but without any of the disadvantages and to give people everything they would have in a normal flat.

The bedroom

“The most important step is that the client gets to design everything in the interior.

“They can really create what they want.”

Customers who commit to buy can fly over to Germany to meet the team and discuss their ideas and once ordered, their boat will take around six months to build, with a 80mm thick mono hull that will withstand being sailed through ice and has huge amounts of storage space.

The bathroom

“It’s about being in the middle of nature even when you are in the middle of the city,” said Lars.

“And it is a fantastic option for buying real estate because its impossible to buy anything near the water in most of Europe.

And his next dream?

“To create a floating holiday resort of boats in Croatia.”

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