London has risen to become the third most expensive city to live in the world, according to cost of living website Expatistan.

The website had ranked the city fourth back in July, based on the cost of food, clothing, transport, housing, personal care and entertainment.

But the city is now the third most expensive in the world, rising above Geneva, and still 49% more expensive than the UK’s other emerging powerhouse Manchester.

London trails behind only mega-rich Grand Cayman (Cayman Islands) and Zurich (Switzerland) in the overall rankings.

The report also breaks down different aspects of living, throwing up interesting rankings for cetrain utilities.

A typical monthly rent for 900 square feet of furnished accommodation in an expensive area of London is £2,481.85, wheras a similar pad in Barcelona would set you back just £900.

London also has the second most expensive public transport in the world, while boasting the most expensive theatre tickets and second most expensive cigarettes in western Europe.

The overall cost of living rankings also take in New York (5th), Tokyo (13th), Paris (14th), Beijing (108th) and Moscow (134th).

And the cheapest city to live in?

Despite its reputation as an emerging financial player, Madras, India ranks 194th out of 194 major world cities in the index.

Monthly rent in an expensive area is just £256 – a tenth of the cost in London – while a monthly ticket on public transport will cost you just £9.

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